Felyne Polisher


Often speeds up sharpening time.

 Felyne Polisher is a Food Skill in Monster Hunter World (MHW).


Felyne Polisher Effect

Felyne Polisher reduces the number of cycles required when sharpening; similar in function to Speed Sharpening, Whetfish Fins and Whetfish+ Fins.

Used with Whetstones (4 cycles), Felyne Polisher removes 1 cycle from the sharpening process, with a 20% chance to remove 2, and 10% chance to remove 3.

Note: Multiple sharpening speed effects don't stack, only the strongest individual effect (lowest number of cycles) is used. For example, level 1 Speed Sharpening has no effect if Felyne Polisher is already active.

Activation Source

  • 2 Courage ingredients



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    • Updated with info tested with Felyne Polisher, Speed Sharpening, Whetfish/Whetfish+ Fins on PC Ver. 12.11.00. Sample size of 100 for Felyne Polisher Whetstone chances.

      • Was hoping for some information on this... like how often does it happen? How does it speed it up? Is it like the grinder skill where it takes ticks off or does it speed up the animation or what? Would it still work with a maxed out grinder jewel or whetfin+? Or is it pointless with those things? Oh well~

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