Cool Cat


Grants a temporary attack boost when you use the Kick Back gesture for a while.

 Cool Cat is a Food Skill in Monster Hunter World (MHW).


Cool Cat Effect

  • Using the Kick Back gesture for 5 seconds grants +15 attack for 30 seconds.



Activation Source

  • Daily
  • Activated on PC by Sit gesture.



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    • Anonymous

      About time that someone ACTUALLY said what this does.
      After you use the SIT gesture for a few seconds and stand up you will gain the buff.
      It lasts for 30 seconds.
      It boosts your raw damage as much as a Might Pill-25.
      Stacks with all other forms of damage increase.
      (tested with IG) Untested if it modifies Elemental or Status, presumably not.

      • Anonymous

        Kick Back gesture isn't in the PC version of the game... Not sure if it was removed or renamed (to Sit), but there's no such gesture, despite this being the skill's description. If you want the boost, try sitting down.

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