Great Sushifish Scale

item great sushifish scale
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Great Sushifish Scale is a consumable Item in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Scales from many different fish can be gathered in the field and brought along on hunts to serve a variety of purposes.


Scale from a Great Sushifish. Eat to get large health boost, a natural healing boost, and treat bleeding.

Great Sushifish Scales can be consumed from the Item Bar while in the field to restore 100 Health, cure the Bleeding Status Effect, and gain the Natural Recovery Up Status Effect (the same status effect the Immunizer gives) for two minutes. They also fully restore Stamina, but do not increase Stamina capacity.

Using a Great Sushifish Scale will not overwrite the Natural Recovery Up buff duration if you used an Immunizer first (which gives the buff for 5 minutes) as long as it still has at least 2 minutes left, otherwise it will refresh the buff duration up to 2 minutes.

Because they can be consumed quickly, they are an effective method for recovery during intense combat. There also exists a less potent but more common Sushifish Scale, which restores 50 Health and cures bleeding, but does not grant Natural Recovery Up.

See Loadouts for information on configuring Item storage and use.


How to Acquire Sushifish Scale

This Item can be obtained by fishing for Great Sushifish out in the field. To do this, simply use the Fishing Rod at a body of water where fish are located. Baitbugs may be necessary to catch some kinds of fish.

Farming tip: Go to Camp 7 in Hoarfrost Reach, in that camp is a hole you can jump down and land on top of a bone pile. There are 2 holes here when you arrive at Camp 7, the left one leads you outside the camp, tigrex is usually here, go to the small hole on the right where you can drop down onto a bone pile and a slope, walk down the slope to the end and start fishing (tested to have 2 Great Sushifishes spawn here everytime). Usually Grimalkynes and Duffel Penguins spawn here as well.

Notes About Recovery Items

  • Potions heal for 35 Health and take four seconds to drink
  • Mega Potions take four seconds to drink and heal 70 Health
  • Max Potions and Ancient Potions heal for the entire Health pool and take roughly one second to activate
  • Sushifish Scales heal for 50 Health and take roughly one second to activate
  • Astera Jerky will heal all recoverable (red/yellow) Health and takes roughly one second to activate.
  • The consumption time of all consumable Items can be decreased with the Speed Eating Skill
  • Effectiveness of all Health recovery Items can be increased with the Recovery Up Skill
  • Effect of many Items can be extended to Allies with the Wide-Range Skill




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    • Anonymous

      These can be farmed in the Hoarfrost Reach. In the Central Camp (7), jump down the hole and head northeast pass the Baitbug to a fishing spot. Two Great Sushifish always spawn here. The easiest way to farm them is to just do an expedition, catch them, go to a different region and then head back, rinse and repeat.

      • Anonymous

        Great sushi scale can also be farm (but not as efficient.) at Event quest "mighty muscle monkey madness" quest rewarod 15% Execpted value of 1 great sushi scale per event.

        • Anonymous

          can i use this with wide range to give others recovery up? might do my own testing eventually and will comment on this post if i do, but if anyone has the answer or tests it before me let us know :)

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