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Flash Pods are consumable Slinger ammo Items in Monster Hunter World (MHW). They are used to inflict the Stun effect on a Monster.


Slinger ammo that flashes brightly on impact. Fire it right under a monster's nose to blind it.

When used from the Item Bar while in the field, Flash Pods will be loaded into the Slinger, and can then be aimed with  l2 ps4 controls small / controls xbox lt / C, and fired with r2 ps4 controls small / controls xbox rt / key mouse l. After traveling a short distance, a Flash Pod will detonate in a bright flash. This will often blind a Monster with the Stun Status Effect if it is close or looking in the direction of the detonation. The Stun effect from a Flash Pod does not normally incapacitate a Monster completely, but rather causes it to attack blindly for about 30 seconds. Airborne Monsters affected by Flash Pods will initially fall to the ground and be completely incapacitated for the first 7 seconds of the effect.

The effectiveness of Flash Pods can be enhanced with the Blindsider Skill.

See Botanical Research for information on cultivating large amounts of crafting materials.
See Loadouts for information on configuring Item storage and use.

Flash Pods are only one of three Items that can be brought to the field by Hunters to use in the Slinger, the others being Dung Pod and Screamer Pod.


How to Acquire Flash Pod

This material can be obtained through Crafting. In addition, an EZ version of the Flash Pod can be found in the Supply Box on some Quests, most often on Arena Quests.

Crafting Flash Pod
Category Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Result
Traps/Offense Flashbug n/a Flash Pod



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    • Anonymous

      Starting to think it's better to just bring 1 flash pod in Master Rank since they only work once in a hunt, that saves you an extra item slot for other useful items

      • Anonymous

        Slinger bursts make the pod detonate the moment it leaves the slinger, effective for if the monster is facing you.

        MR "nerfs" are more just typical behavior for G-rank monsters in past games. Normal MR monsters have resistance that lasts for a few minutes (idk how long) and tempered MR monsters also become completely immune to the effect after being blinded 4 times.

        Trying to chain multiple flash pods after each other in MR is just wasting flash pods, and for tempered monsters it's wasting the few good blinds you get on partially-resisted blinds.

        • Anonymous

          Instantly knocks down any monster thats flying in the air. Almost necessary to melee wyverns like Azure Rathalos, who refuses to spend any time on the ground unless forced. Extremely useful for interrupting Teostra's supernova.

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