No Remorse, No Surrender

No Remorse, No Surrender - Special Assignment 
Quest Type 8⭐Special Quest
Monster Lunastra
Location Elder's Recess
Rewards 28800 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
Time Limit 50 min

No Remorse, No Surrender is a Special Assignment Quest in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Special Assignments are unique quests that unlock special DLC.


I never thought I'd live to see both the emperor and his empress in one spot. Its only fitting that you have the honor of ending their reign. - The Huntsman, Client

No Remorse, No Surrender Information

No Remorse, No Surrender Walkthrough and Notes

  • You will need to finish The Blazing Sun, and Pandora's Arena quests before unlocking this quest.
  • The quest is not available when you're with the Serious Handler during the Iceborne story.


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Blue Crew  ♦  The Red Dragon  ♦  The Sapphire Star's Guidance  ♦  The Scorn of the Sun  ♦  The Secret to a Good Slice  ♦  The Sleeping Sylvan Queen  ♦  The Storm Brings the Unexpected  ♦  The True Tyrant  ♦  The Winds of Wrath Bite Deep  ♦  The Winter Blues  ♦  These Azure Eyes See All  ♦  This Corroded Blade  ♦  This Here's Big Horn Country!  ♦  Timberland Troublemakers  ♦  Today's Special Hunter Flambe  ♦  Today's Special: Hunter Flambé  ♦  Tracking the Delivery  ♦  Treasure in the Steam  ♦  Trespassing Troublemaker  ♦  Troubled Troupers  ♦  Tundra Troublemaker  ♦  Twin Spire Upon the Sands  ♦  Two-horned Hostility  ♦  Undying Alpenglow  ♦  Up to Your Waist in the Waste  ♦  USJ Blazing Azure Stars!  ♦  We Run This Town  ♦  We Three Kings  ♦  Wearer of the Iceborne Crown  ♦  Well, That Diablos!  ♦  What a Bunch of Abalone  ♦  When Blue Dust Surpasses Red Lust  ♦  When Desire Becomes an Obsession  ♦  White Monster for a White Coat  ♦  Wings of the Wind  ♦  You Scratch Our Backs...


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    • Anonymous

      29 Jun 2021 12:23  

      oh my God im so hyped rn, with 15 minutes to spare I slayed lunastra and I have never gamed harder before, I got a LUNASTRA GEM FROM CARVING, and I killed teo with like 7 mins to spare I am so hype rn

      • Anonymous

        22 Jun 2021 00:02  

        did this quest with master rank gear later because I pick and choose missions sporadically. anyway;

        Hidden Saber LS, but changed to Nergigante GL (the high rank one.), and definetly bringing fireproof mantle and vitality, this fight was obnoxious. fireblight is very disruptive to combat flow and both of the lions going feral make it extremely annoying to hold ground. I got memed on by their bonding once, but after that the moment i saw "bonding" pop up i just unsheathed my GL and bolted it out of the area. Eldersealing lunastra's heat aura really helps because it saps your health very quickly.

        • Anonymous

          26 May 2021 22:28  

          Funnily enough, me and my friend managed to complete the quest, but only after we swore that "we'll uninstall this f*cking piece of sh*t game if we fail the quest one more time." Anyway.

          Fire res gear, fire res decos, fire res mantle, vitality mantle, deodorants (hardshell and demon powder), Astera jerky. Dung ammo doesn't do **** (pun intended), don't bother. If you got this far, you probably already know that you can use the Flashpods on Teostra to interrupt. What worked for us was to aggro one but when the other showed up then each of us picked up one of them. When one of them (luckily, for us it was Lunastra) retreated to sleep then we focused down the other to the point of leaving combat. Then we focused on Lunstra, who was sleeping. From there it's basically a done deal, for Teostra didn't seem to care that Lunastra was dying: 2v1 Lunastra first, then restock at camp and 2v1 Teostra after.

          I'm still at the precipice of uninstalling the game, however. I had to realize that the last few encounter designs were frustrating. Not hard, not complex, just frustrating. Earlier, a difficult monster felt difficult and a victory over them felt satisfying, hard earned. Now it just feels like finally being able to unclog the toilet that's filled to the brim with sewage. It's not a "yes, I finally overcome this obstacle" sensation, it's more like a "thank god this ****'s gone" mood. Oh well.

          • Anonymous

            24 Jan 2021 04:00  

            (longsword) Dont fight them at the same time, take one down then the other. Get the vitality and fireproof mantle, get the vitality skill too if you need more hp. Roll3x to remove the fire or use nulberries

            • Anonymous

              26 Jul 2020 13:07  

              Absolutely the hardest fight in the game up to this point. If these two are in the same area, you just don’t get to play. Dung bombs don’t work so you just have to wait them out. And even then you’re fighting two goddamn elder dragons. Lunastra alone is the one of the single hardest hitting monsters in the game. This quest straight up sucks.

              • Anonymous

                21 Jul 2020 20:47  

                I just soloed this quest with 2 faints and 3 minutes left. I thought Teostra wasn't aggressive, but once I started whaling on Luna, he runs over and the whole thing spiraled downhill from there. I threw at least 5 balls of crap at him, but to no avail. I got stunned once, and then got trapped in a corner, finally escaped once, halfway through healing, I get stunned again and died to Teo's supernova. They bonded 3 times, and kept going to the same area , and my dung pods didn't DO CRAP. But I got temporal mantle, so yay?

                • Anonymous

                  30 Apr 2020 22:30  

                  Soloed my first try. If you can beat pandora you can beat this one, just aggro Lunastra away from Teostra. Lunastra will be the hardest fight. If you run low on medical supplies you can restock in the area. Teostra will not aggro you unless attacked so you can feel free to move around him. Once Lunastra is down Teostra is a piece of cake. You have an hour to finish so take your time!

                  • Anonymous

                    13 Apr 2020 13:20  

                    Coming up on this quest.... been trying to solo all so far. Pandora wasnt too bad i cant imagine dealing with two at the same time.

                    • Anonymous

                      04 Jan 2020 05:57  

                      Me and my friend that have been blasting through the game got stuck on the pandora's arena quest and looked for guides here but I can say that the only way me made it through was the strategy I came up with, you need to competent players and I don't know if adding more to the mix makes it worse or not. But with two players, one person fights Teostra, and one fights Lunasta and do your best to keep them apart so they can't bond and fighting one on one makes in much less of a cluster**** and easier to take them down. This along with the fanstastic strategies made by other people made this quest easy compared to the attempts I read from others players. Once Teostra's down focus on Lunastra and you should be golden, Happy Hunting!

                      • Anonymous

                        28 Dec 2019 03:08  

                        Get as much Fire Resistance as you possibly can, eat for Ele Res L and try to reach at least 30 Fire Res to make Leo and Luna's AoE burn auras more manageable and to negate Fireblight. Even with that much Fire Resistance, Luna's flame puddles will still hurt especially if there's a couple of them stacked on one spot which can happen, so you should still avoid standing in them whenever possible. Having Windproof is also helpful to deal with Lunastra since she adds Wind Pressure to a lot of her moves to set up combos, and her Supernova is heavily reliant on Wind Pressure to prevent players from dodging or healing through it, so Windproof is helpful if your build can tolerate it, but is not necessary. Try to fight them separately when you can, you may be able to race to the Northern wide open area or the hot cavern that connects to there at the start of the quest and catch one of them alone before they convene together. This will let you get some early damage in safely whilst the fight is still a 1v1. Remember that since they're Elder Dragons Dung Pods aren't going to repel either of them, so once they're together, if you aren't comfortable fighting them both at once you usually have to disengage and sit around for a while and wait until they choose to split up. However, Leostra will ALWAYS disengage and fly to another zone after bonding with Lunastra, so the encounter does at least have a built-in mechanic to ensure that the fight isn't always a 2v1. Even so they are usually not separate for more than 3 minutes before the other one joins in wherever you are currently fighting, so you will still have to fight them together frequently. The easiest way to handle this is to focus Leo down first. When you injure him and he disengages, you can ignore Luna and follow him since she will tend to stay in the current zone. When he bonds with Luna and then flies away, ignore Luna and follow him. Repeating this pattern will minimize the time that you spend fighting them both together as whenever Lunastra arrives to join the fight Leo should either bond with her and then fly away or will be close to the next health threshold that will make him flee to another zone, separating them again. Remember that whilst Lunastra cannot be completely stunned by Flash Pods they will still disorient her allowing you to get a few cheap shots in whilst she's swinging blindly at the air, you can also use this disorientation to give you more freedom to fight Leo if they are both together, or to guarantee your safe retreat. Additionally, when Lunastra's aura is fully charged (enormous amounts of sparks around her) a Flash Pod will compel her to use her Supernova as her next attack. You can use this to your advantage by Flashing her at medium ~ long range, and then sprinting out of range of her Supernova, you then have about 12 seconds free to re-sharpen, heal, re-buff, or disengage to chase Leostra. Lunastra's enrage aura will return to Level 0 after her Supernova, which means her AoE burn damage will be gone. Lunastra does like to increase her aura intensity rapidly after her Supernova however, so this won't buy you much freedom from her AoE burn damage, which is why having such high Fire Resistance is still important.

                        • Anonymous

                          12 Aug 2019 11:22  

                          this took me 29 minute I tried to fight Teostra alone but this chick Lunastra tryna protect her mate and keep floating and hit me by surprise while most of my mind was being concentrated on Teostra also godd@m OCD keep commaning me to looking at my surroundings to not mess things up - *-)

                          • Anonymous

                            23 Jul 2019 14:12  

                            Playing very safe (after having a really bad time fighting the solo Lunastra from the previous quest) I managed to kill both without carting in ~ 45min with a Diablos Hammer. I chose Hammer because I knew that Elder's Recess has a lot of slopes for sliding, meaning I could do the vertical bayblade move with Hammer often. Ghillie Mantle saved my life at least twice when I was fighting one of them and the other one showed up - it's also super useful to give you enough time to heal, sharpen, use Immunizer/Dash Juice/Might Seeds and setup a couple of Bombs as a little trap. One last thing: Don't be discouraged if Lunastra gives you a hard time in these story missions, for some reason killing her in investigations becomes a lot easier. I needed 45 min for this special assignment, but I only need ~ 15 min at most to complete a Lunastra-Investigation with the same gear.

                            • Anonymous

                              17 Mar 2019 11:24  

                              Just soloed this with the charge blade since no1 responded to my SOS and people in my session were busy with A very big golden great jagras and it wasnt that hard lol in fact it took my only 20 mins with one faint(i flashed luna which is a very bad idea)and it was pretty fun tbh i enjoyed it

                              • Anonymous

                                24 Feb 2019 10:08  

                                all i have to say is keep the two separated and fight one at a time. personally i aim for Teostra first because he is an easier kill then Lunastra

                                • Anonymous

                                  30 Dec 2018 16:07  

                                  Make sure you play with competent people as well. Had someone mess up the quest for me because they gave Luna (who had skulls next to her icon, and was sleeping) a tiny little tap before I could finish the True Charge wake-up hit. We had already killed Teo, and had been doing the quest for nearly a half an hour.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    10 Dec 2018 23:33  

                                    You do not need to complete "The Food Chain Dominator," you only have to kill or capture a Deviljho (on expedition, for instance.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      06 Aug 2018 12:50  

                                      Fire Resistance out the wazoo, Vitality Mantle, Earplugs, and at least 3 Korean or Japanese randoms (Because they will Always be better than you at the game, Regardless of whatever game it is)

                                      • Anonymous

                                        06 Jul 2018 11:08  

                                        Have you ever needed ear plugs so bad? (Luna roared, teo tackles followed by fire sweep, teo backs off and about to swing tail, lunastra tackles before I could evade. I get back up and teostra roars then luna does her supernova) *You've fainted*

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