Special Assignments are free DLC Quests in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Players will need to complete these quests to access content added after the initial launch of MHW.

You can do these particular quests ONLY ONCE each, though you can join people posting the quest even if you have already completed the quest yourself. A few of these Special Assignments acts as gates in a quest line, opening up the next one in sequence. The others are either the final quest in the line or a standalone quest that unlocks the full fight with the new monster. This is what you are ultimately after, because completing these quests will unlock a somewhat equivalent Optional Quest that you fight this new monster in, and that quest is repeatable indefinitely for farming and glory!

NB: Special Assignments are not available in High Rank when you're with the Serious Handler during the Iceborne story progression.

Level Quest Title Objective
7 The Food Chain Dominator Hunt a Deviljho 14400
8 The Blazing Sun Slay Teostra 18000
8 Pandora's Arena Repel Lunastra 12600
8 No Remorse, No Surrender Slay Lunastra + Teostra 28800
6 A Visitor from Another World Slay  Kulu-Ya-Ku 10800
9 The Legendary Beast Repel Behemoth 17640 
9 He Taketh It With His Eyes Slay Behemoth 25200 
9 Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest Slay Leshen 19800


Master Rank Special Assignments (Iceborne Expansion)

Master Rank Special Assignments are available in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne from October 10th 2019, with Patch 11.01. Players can find Purple exclamation marks in Seliana to begin special assignments. The first one is Sterling Pride, given to you by the Admiral in Seliana.

Level Quest Title Objective
6 Sterling Pride Slay a Kirin 36000
Reveal Thyself, Destroyer Hunt a Rajang 36000
6 Across the Lost Path Hunt a Stygian Zinogre 36000
6 Point of No Return Repel Safi'jiiva 36000
 6 ...And My Rage for All Slay a Raging Brachydios 43200
6 The Fury Remains Hunt a Furious Rajang 43200 
6 Blazing Black Twilight Slay an Alatreon 43200 
6 Dawn's Triumph Slay an Alatreon 28800
6 The Black Dragon Slay Fatalis 57600


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    • Anonymous

      Is it possible to do an SA, slay the target, carve it, and then back out of MHW before the timer runs out, so you can redo the SA? Most SAs, like SSJ Rajang, are the only hunt you can see unique interactions or turfs, and as fun as it is to join someone else's game, multiplayer HP is debatably more harmful to witness a gimmick time and time again than helpful.

      • Anonymous

        Blazing black twilight isn't listed as a special assignment, though it sounds all of these are fillers like the last of pre-iceborne special assignment only those included cross universe quests, which was... interesting.

        • Hi i got a big Problem. Since i updated my MHW base game to the Iceborn Edition and all my Special Assignments are gone i can't even open the category and that's why i would like to know of anybody of y'all know if it is a bug or are they gone forever because i wasn't able to finish them all and it would be very anfing of i can't complete them.

          • Anonymous

            are these available indefinitely, or is there a time limit to them? I'm playing with a couple of friends, and have been holding back on progressing through the story and ranks so we mostly go at the same pace, as a result I am still rank 4; but I really dont want to miss the DMC related one...

            • Anonymous

              "All assignments have a 50 minutes time limit and the "Faint 3 times" failure conditions."

              Pandora's Arena is 15 minutes

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