Relish the Moment

Relish the Moment - Event Quest 
Quest Type 9⭐Hunting Quest
Monster Tempered Deviljho
Location Elder's Recess
Rewards 21600 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
Time Limit 50 min

Relish the Moment is an Event Quest in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Event quests are repeatable but can only be participated in during the time which they are live.


We've discovered an insanely fierce Deviljho! It seems the cause of his bad mood is his diet of Streamstones. Quell the beast, and take those Streamstones for yourself! - Analytics Director, Client

Relish the Moment Information

Relish the Moment Walkthrough and Tips


Relish the Moment Notes

  • The initial version of this quest took place in the Ancient Forest and was changed to the Elder's Recess in subsequent offerings.


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    • Anonymous

      15 May 2019 07:47  

      I have yet to actually complete this, daily I try 5 or 6 times with SoS flare... everything goes great, almost every single time we get him to skull then he one-shots three people immediatly and its game over. I love blowing hours on end only to get nothing at all for my time.

      • Anonymous

        25 Sep 2018 10:28  

        Super easy with lance/gunlance (or any weapon with a shield, really, though lance and gunlance have an easier time hitting weakspots due to their relative length and ability to attack upwards) and Guard Up + Guard lvl 3 or higher. Block before its hugely telegraphed moveset and attack a couple times during brief openings. Sharpen/reload your weapon when it retreats and changes area. Repeat until its dead or weak enough to capture. Patience is the name of the game. You get greedy and you will probably die from his brutal combos, especially his stomp + bite combos if you're under his legs. If you're patient you can get through the fight literally without taking damage like I was able to do a few times. My build for the fight: Weapon: Love's Sorrow (with Health Augment) + Shield Jewel 2 Bazel Helm B + Brace Jewel x1, Ironwall Jewel x1 (you can replace Brace Jewel with whatever you want. I like it for when my character gets "bumped" by Deviljho's legs.) Bazel Mail B + Ironwall Jewel x2 Vaal Hazak Braces B + Steadfast Jewel x3 Vaal Hazak Coil B + Vitality Jewel x2 Vaal Hazak Greaves B + Dragon Jewel x2 Earplugs Charm This gives you: Weapon Health Regen Vaal Hazak Health Regen Guard Up Earplugs lvl 5 (max) Guard lvl 5 (max) Stun Resistance lvl 3 Health Boost lvl 2 Dragon Attack lvl 2 Peak Performance lvl 2 Effluvia Resistance lvl 2 (incidental of the build due to VH Greaves) Flinch Free lvl 1 (again, you can replace if you'd like) A weapon with a shield, Guard Up, and Guard to at least lvl 3 are the only non-negotiable parts of the build. Though if you have maxed Guard, you're character not only takes no chip damage while guarding, but also does not recoil AT ALL from getting hit while shielding, making it easier to get in aforementioned counterattacks while Deviljho's animations end. Just be aware that T. Deviljho can only be flashed FOUR times before he becomes immune to flashing entirely, iirc. Save those flashes for if he stomps on you and knocks you onto the ground. If he slams you after that, it's an instant death regardless of your health level or mantles equipped. He just does that much damage. My build isn't going to win any prizes for speed runs, but it's quite hilarious watching T. Deviljho not being able to damage you at all, if you're careful, methodical, and aware of his telegraphed moveset.

        • Anonymous

          21 Sep 2018 08:59  

          For everyone asking capcom screwed up we just have to wait if you don’t have the patch downloaded then don’t download it that way you will have access to the mission

          • Anonymous

            21 Sep 2018 04:10  

            Currently, latest patch broke some things. This quest included. Capcom working on fix, they say. Dunno how long lol

            • Anonymous

              29 Aug 2018 08:59  

              Can be used to farm a lot of T2 Tempered Monsters, just follow the pickle around for a bit n’ repeat~ -w•

              • Anonymous

                27 Mar 2018 00:40  

                Do big event quests usually end after 3 days? I don't think I ever noticed because I didn't care about other quests like I did this one...

                • Anonymous

                  24 Mar 2018 21:55  

                  This mob is too overpowered that it glitches out and will literally one hit you with full life and vitality mantle

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