Enemy Type Small Monsters
Elements  N/A
Ailments  Poison, Sleep, Paralyze
Weakness N/A
Resistances N/A
Locations Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Coral Highlands, Rotten Vale, Elder's Recess

Gajalaka is a Small Monster in Monster Hunter World (MHW). ガジャブー in Japanese.


 Small monsters wearing tribal masks.

This Lynian discovered in the New World is small, but unlike Felynes and Grimalkynes, Galajakas have a humanlike physique. Their language is unique and analysis of their traces is needed to establish communication. Their culture enjoys dancing but is still warlike. Except for a few friendly people, anyone who approaches them is considered a target for elimination. Lynians who wear similar masks exist in the Old World too, and they are generally referred to as Galajakas.

The Galajakas scattered around each location are often hostile. This is because, much like the Grimalkynes, several tribes exist among them, and the hunter will not have interacted with all of them. Their attacks induce small abnormal status effects, and though they are very small, the Galajakas are very dangerous. Common knowledge says the that driving them away with Flash Pods and Scatternutes is best.

Gajalaka Details & Locations


Gajalaka Combat Info

  • Gajalakas are overall weak enemies and usually stand still most of the time but they move extremely fast and due to their small size can easily be missed by hunters' melee attacks and prove to be a reasonably difficult target for ranged weapons. Their offensive consists in the usage of bombs, poisoned throwing knives and paralyzing throwing knives, but at melee range they will resort to stabbing with a poison blade. Gajalaka molotov bombs will do a considerable amount of damage and knock the player into the air, although they can be easily dodged because of their slow speed and the preparation time it takes for a Gajalaka to throw one.
  • They also spawn in groups of 3 or 4 
  • They always drop supply items.
  • They use poison and paralysis ailments.
  • Gajalakas can be fought just like any other small monster. Pay attention to their molotov bombs attacks and try to not let them go in range to use their throwing knives, as their ailments can be pretty annoying.
  • Resistances: N/A


Gajalaka Drops

Defeating Gajalakas will cause them to burrow underground and escape, dropping one of the following items behind:

  • Poison Knife (Supply)
  • Sleep Knife (Supply)
  • First-aid Med
  • Paralysis Knife (Supply)
  • EZ Ration

Note that all drops from Gajalakas are Supply Items, so they will be removed from the Item Pouch upon returning from the field.


Gajalaka Weapons & Armor

Gajalakas cannot be carved for materials (since killing them just makes them go away). However, they do have a related Palico equipment that can be crafted after completing the quest Chef Quest! Gajalaka Lockdown.


Notes, Trivia, & Media

  • Just like with the rest of the Grimalkyne tribes, the Lynian Researcher provides you a bounty called Cultural Exchange: Gajalaka Linguistics.  (easy method for finding tracks: Start an expedition and pick a zone that the Lynian researcher is in. Locate him and search around him. There's usually around 3 to 4 close by. Then end expedition and repeat.) After completing the bounty, you can talk with the researcher again to engage another bounty: Cultural Exchange: Gajalaka Linguistics II which requires you to infiltrate in their camp at night time to befriends the Gajalakas. Succeeding to do so will allow you to use Gajalaka shortcuts in the Elder's Recess, unlock Gastodon and Gajalaka tailraiders (Latter ones are only available inside their base, accessible by a shortcut infront of the Gajalaka camp) and the Palico Gadget Mewolotov Cocktail.
  • Galajakas dwell in caverns throughout the land, and some will give help to hunters. This cooperation is the result of the Lynian Researcher's careful study.
  • They can attack by throwing bombs. In the New World, it is relatively easy to create explosives from natural materials, but one can recognize their keen intelligence and daring in this creation.
  • The Galajakas coat their weapons in various types of toxins. One depletes health, one induces Paralysis, and another induces Sleep. They are respectively purple, yellow and blue, and their masks are also covered to match.
  • Their rafts are made of earthenware and have beds of straw. The three feet on the rafts' underbellies are a unique trait. Pointing the feet in the direction of the raft's movement stabilizes travel on water. This is a simple but also extremely thoughtful design.
  • Galajakas have a unique culture, which includes this type of earthenware in addition to necklaces and certain religious views.
  • Galajakas operate in groups, threatening enemies and attacking in unison anyone who approaches.
  • Many hunters have nearly died due to the abnormal status effects of the Galajaka. But some skilled hands able to use the Galajaka against large monsters.
  • Gajalaka have a tailrider level. Upon reaching level 3 unity-wise, you can unlock the Gajalaka Shellshock. This works similar to the vine trap. Luring a monster to the waiting Gajalaka will cause a bomb squad to launch explosives at the monster.
  • The Galajaka wear a straw cape that covers part of their body and a large mask. The mask, which is made to look like a certain monster, is meant to indicate bravery, among other things.




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    • Anonymous

      this guys drop op stuff I always kill them to get at least 1 para or sleep knife it helps a lot in battles. Too bad they don't spawn in elder fights.

      • Anonymous

        Sometimes I wish there everywhere so they can bully monster sometimes I wish they never existed cause of abusing me

        • Anonymous

          From what I've observed there are 3 types of Gajalaka that can join you after you do their side quest:

          Gajalaka Knights- use melee attacks the most. Not sure but they may have more health than the others.
          Gajalaka Raiders- use their firebombs the most.
          Gajalaka Snipers- will sleep bomb with you. They'll place a large barrel bomb down next to your bombs, similar to how your palico will if it's using their firebombs. It sometimes takes them a moment to do.

          The traps the Gajalaka and Boaboa use are more useful because they work on elder dragons and you only need to get the monster to come over to them for it to trigger.

          • Anonymous

            The Gajalaka icon image doesn't link to a larger version of the image. I assume that this is a minor oversight, since in most other creature pages, the icon image on the bottom almost always links to a larger image.

            • Anonymous

              Doodles spawns in diferents locations. Here where i found mines. Ancient forest- 1 doodle inArea 5 close to paratoad; Rotten Vale: 2-Doodles in Area 15 where mosswine spawns. 1- Area 3 in gajalaka location;Beware bazel dude Wildspire waste-: 3- Can be found in Area 5 next to a FlameNut. Going down there is one where two blue mushrooms are. 1- found at gajalakas location in area 7; Coral Highlands: Found last one in Gajalaka camp, area 12;

              • Anonymous

                They're great when they hit the monster instead of nailing you in the back of the head with a poisonous knife.

                • Anonymous

                  Another thing, once you befriend the Gajalaka your palico can convince one of them to join you, but the others will be hostile.

                  • Anonymous

                    The Ghillie Cape lets you sneak past the Gajalaka guards for Gajalaka Linguistics II quest easily, just make sure you aren't hit by their indiscriminate bombs and throwing knives

                    • Anonymous

                      These guys are either going to abuse the monster you're hunting, or they're going to borderline instakill you.

                      • Anonymous

                        It says there that they could be former palicos, but that can't be true, since Gajalaka are small humanoid like the Shakalaka, while the Felyne, Melynx and Grimalkyne are cat-like. They are all Lynians, but that basically means small people, not much more

                        • Anonymous

                          I thought they were cute the first time I saw them, and then I got all happy since they paralyzed the monster I was fighting...

                          Damn, was I wrong.

                          • Anonymous

                            If you ever see a yellow blade flashing through the air at you during a hunt, you're gonna have a bad time.

                            • Anonymous

                              The moment these little *****ers chainstun/ paralize a monster, making a 20 minute hunt last 7 minutes.
                              These things are worth gold when they engage the monster rather then you.

                              • Anonymous

                                If you've ever encountered Gajalaka while thinking they're nice then you suffered worse than Guts from the Berserk series.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Gajalaka's are the worst little pieces of rat filth to ever plague the Monster Hunter series, the deserve to burn in a funeral pier made of their own stupid bombs and sleep darts.
                                  Teruki Endo should have his hands removed for designing these abominations and putting them in an other wise quite enjoyable game, like i dont understand. why, WHY would you make a strawberry tart and sprinkle it over with niceness and love to then directly insert it up your no zone, thats what its feels like to see one of these happy little tribal cat people only to get drugged and simultaneously pearl harbored 2/10

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