Enemy Type Small Monsters
Elements  ??
Ailments  ??
Weakness ??
Resistances ??
Locations Coral Highlands

Shamos is an Small Monster in Monster Hunter World (MHW). シャムオス in Japanese.


 Small nocturnal monsters. They are particularly vulnerable to Tzitzi-Ya-Ku's blinding flash, but have been known to gang up on enemies.

Shamos Details & Locations


Shamos Combat Info

  • Elemental damages?
  • Weaknesses?
  • Weakness sign? (limping, etc)
  • Combat tactics
  • Resistances?


Shamos Carves

Low Rank:

High Rank:


Shamos Weapons & Armor

Armor and Weapons related to the Shamos Monster.


Shamos Armor Set

Set Bonus: None


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    • Anonymous

      23 Apr 2018 14:36  

      Okay, so there's a Great Jagras, Girros, but WHERE IS THE GREAT SHAMOS? Perhaps it's always watching us and its comrades dying, or maybe the wild Palicos killed it, drove it away, or replaced it. Dangit, I wish I could tell my Palico to ask the Shamos about that. Just think how cool a Great Shamos could be. And if your Palico could speak to it, then maybe you'd get a big wild monster to come help you fight!

      • Anonymous

        15 Apr 2018 04:15  

        gets annoying when your trying to carve a monster and these guys are jumping at you, kinda like an annoying brother when your trying to play MHW

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