Lynian Researcher

Race Wyverian
Gender Male
English Voice Actress: ?
Japanese Voice Actress ?

Lynian Researcher is an NPC in Monster Hunter World (MHW). NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the Hunter during the story or optional activities in game.


A wizened Wyverian scholar who seeks out the places Lynians live nad is often outdone by the swift and sly Grimalkynes, so he needs the aid of a hunter. He once served the Endemic Life Researcher along with the Piscine Researcher, but now they worry about him. 

Quests & Services



When choosing a destination from the map, make sure there is "Lynian Researcher" in the Field Researcher section. He then appears on the map and minimap as a green dot. He moves to the zone's tribe camp once you become their ally.



  •  Background, if any


Role in Main Story

  • No role. Supplies optional bounties for Palico gadgets and tickets in Expeditions.



  • He once collapsedduring an exploration, and a certain Grimalkyne helped hi. The staff he carries was given to him by that same Grimalkyne. He dreams of understanding the Lynian language so he can say "Thank you" to him in his own tongue.
  • The Lynian Researcher is Wyverian.


Admiral  ♦  Analytics Director  ♦  Botanical Research  ♦  Chief Botanist  ♦  Commander  ♦  Ecological Research  ♦  Elder Melder  ♦  Endemic Life Researcher  ♦  Excitable A-Lister  ♦  Field Master  ♦  Field Team Leader  ♦  First Wyverians  ♦  General  ♦  Grammeowster Chef  ♦  Grimalkyne Tribes  ♦  Meowscular Chef  ♦  Piscine Researcher  ♦  Poogie  ♦  Provisions Manager  ♦  Resource Center  ♦  Second Fleet Master  ♦  Serious Handler  ♦  Shy Scholar  ♦  Steamworks  ♦  Tech Chief  ♦  The Argosy  ♦  The Armory  ♦  The Handler  ♦  The Huntsman  ♦  Third Fleet Master

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