In Monster Hunter World (MHW), all Insect Glaives have a bonus in their description, which improves the Kinsect at some point, for example, increasing the kinsect's flying speed, the healing extract, or another thing. Bonus only affects the kinsect of the same owner of insect glaive. In Iceborne, you can also improve your kinsect using slinger ammo with the Kinsect Charge move.


Kinsect Charge Bonus

Kinsect Charge  
kinsect_power_no_background(Power) Gathered from monster dropped slinger ammo. Gives the Kinsect 1.5x raw damage, 3.5x elemental attack power and 1.15x dust strength, increases Kinsect healing and decreases time between dust deposits. Also extends individual extracts duration by 50%.
kinsect_spirit_no_background(Spirit) Gathered from field Slinger Ammo. Doubles the Kinsect maximum stamina and stamina regen rate. Also extends all extracts duration by 50%, including triple buff.

Note: In order to receive the buff duration extension from the kinsect charge, you must get the full triple buff after performing kinsect charge.

Kinsect Charge Duration

Every slinger ammo type has a different buff duration, being the rule of thumb the less capacity for this ammo, the more it lasts.

Ammo Type Buff Type Duration (Minutes:Seconds)
Stone Spirit 1:15
Redpit Spirit 1:30
Brightmoss, Crystalburst, Torch Pod, Scatternut Spirit 2:00
Puddle Pod Spirit 2:30
Dragon Pod Power 2:30
Thorn Pod, Piercing Pod, Bomb Pod Power 5:00

Note: Power Prolonger has no effect on Kinsect Charge duration.

Kinsect Bonus

The Insect Glaives may have only one of the following bonuses:

Bonus Effect
Speed Boost Increase the flying speed of the kinsect, does not attack more often within a same period than the others
Stamina Boost Increase the speed of stamina regeneration of the kinsect, does not attack for longer than normal
Health Boost Increases green extract healing potency
Element Boost Increase the element damage of the kinsect
Sever Boost Increases slicing damage of the kinsect with sever attack type
Blunt Boost Increases blunt damage of the kinsect with blunt attack type
Spirit & Strength Charging your kinsect with any slinger ammo gives both the Power and Spirit bonus.
Stamina & Healing Increases kinsect stamina recovery speed, stamina uptime and extract healing potency


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    • Anonymous

      Health Boost only affects green extract, NOT Heal Dust (unfortunately). Proof (not my video, but seems legit to me): Important translations (from Google translate): Taglio=cut ("Sever Boost", presumably) Salute=health (duh) Notice how all of the dust clouds heal for 21 health, regardless of equipment. It would seem that there is no way of boosting Heal Dust effectiveness, since the "Heal" stat doesn't affect it either (proof, also not mine: It appears that the Heal stat is a combination of the Health Boost and Stamina Boost, assuming that the Stamina Boost affects Kinsect Stamina in the same way as recorded by u/Gamer3427. I don't have proof for this, but I think that would be safe to assume. I also don't have proof supporting or denying any of the other Boosts, but I would think they are simple enough and that they're correct. Just wanted to get out the info.

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