In Monster Hunter World (MHW), all Insect Glaives have a bonus in their description, which improves the Kinsect at some point, for example, increasing the kinsect's flying speed, the healing extract, or another thing. Bonus only affects the kinsect of the same owner of insect glaive


Kinsect Bonus

The Insect Glaives may have only one of the following bonuses:

Bonus Effect
Speed Boost Increase the flying speed of the kinsect, does not attack more often within a same period than the others
Stamina Boost Increase the speed of stamina regeneration of the kinsect, does not attack for longer than normal
Health Boost Increases green extract heal and the Heal Dust (this lacks information)
Element Boost Increase the element damage of the kinsect
Sever Boost Increases slicing damage of the kinsect with sever attack type
Blunt Boost increases blunt damage of the kinsect with blunt attack type


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