Location Guiding Lands
Type Unclassified

Moly is an Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter World (MHW). These animals and insects are found out in the field, and can be captured by dedicated Hunters looking to research the New World. There are currently 7 variants of moly, one for each region of the guiding lands. The mossy moly (Ancient Forest), rocky moly (Wildspire Waste), fluffy moly (Coral Highlands), spiny moly (Rotten Vale), the rowdy moly (Elders Recess), and the frosty moly (Hoarfrost Reach). The normal moly can appear in regions at level three and the unique variants at level 5 or greater. However, they can spawn at level 1 with the Felyne Zookeeper/Biologist skill.


Don't be fooled by the sleepy face on these critters! Some say they're the ones who shaped the landscape of the Guiding Lands.

Moly Location

You can find Moly in:


Moly Capturing Rewards

You can capture Moly by using the infinite item "capture net" then aiming for the creature with the control's trigger and pressing Square on your controller when the outline of the frame turns orange.  If a moly is burrowing, it can be forced out with a screamer pod.

  • House placing: Moly Pipe
  • Other rewards: 600 RP


Moly Notes

  • "These critters seem slow and sleepy, but their burrowing skills are second to none."
  • They are easily startled if you approach them without a ghillie mantle and will dive underground to flee. However, one or two of them will typically pop back up for a brief moment before burrowing away.
  • The room item 'Moly Pipe' will automatically be placed in your Seliana room when you enter the first time after capturing a Moly. You can then place a Moly as usual through the pets menu, but only Molies can be assigned to the pipe.
  • Sizes: 71.54 ~ 106.42


Endemic Life
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    • Anonymous

      I almost caught one but my net got filled by some carrier ants that just happened to be in the same area ;-;

      • Anonymous

        What do they do in combat/hunt/gathering materials or they are like achievements so that we want to collect them.

        • Anonymous

          im testing using zookeeper rn to see if variants show up at lower levels with it, will reply if with updates if i manage to find them early

          • I think the Zookeeper skill guarantees the chance of Molies appearing in any region, even level 1 ones. The rare variants are high-level appearances.

            • Anonymous

              Screamer pods had no effect on the molies that were hafl burrowed. Or does this only work on molies that are trying to escape? Then there is no way to capture molies you can clearly see but the net's aim doesn't go orange and if you try anyway they just escape.

              • I had my ghille mantle on, but the molies began to run off when I missed my net. I thought they saw my palico, which would be weird since the mantle’s supposed to affect it, too.

                • Anonymous

                  Locations: Forest: 2 locations, crowding an herb on the lower level and on one the upper level crowding an herb after the little crawl. Both confirmed. Waste: 2 locations, crowding an herb near the cacti and top slope crowding the mightseed? where the ants are. Both confirmed. Coral: 2 locations, near fishing pond and on upper level in the middle "bridgelike" path lined up. Both confirmed. Rotted: 2 locations, crowding the mandragora near the entrance and entrance to next area crowding an ivy, fairly hidden. Both confirmed. Volcanic: 2 locations, mandragora opposite of entrance and might seed in next area just right of the entrance. Might seed confirmed. Tundra: 1 location, Near bug and watermoss opposite of entrance heading left. Not confirmed. Eat for Zoologist (6 light yellow drinks). I noticed they will spawn only in one of these locations. There is no other groups that would spawn. If the rare one is not there, you have to chase them from there location, or try to capture one, then fast travel to camp, then try another location. Their spawning pattern is random. They may very well respawn in the 2nd location of the same biome. I recommend following a pattern so you do not repeat looking in the same place or lose track of your progress. Write down which ones you find to keep track as well. Use binoculars to spot them, then use ghillie mantle so they don't run away and use the capture net to snag them. The common Moly all have the yellow spike hair. The rares will look very different. Aim high with Rocky (Waste rare) so you don't capture the ants instead. Leave your palico behind just in case. Large monsters are said to scare them away too. They will spawn regardless of area level, but it's said the rares will spawn more likely at higher level (5>). There's a trophy for Rocky (Waste rare) and capturing a Moly from every region as well. I got both trophies which leads me to believe there isn't one in Tundra, which could explain why I haven't been able to get them to spawn there. My levels were 2-7-7-7-1-1 at the time. I got all rares except for Mossy from the Forest.

                  • Anonymous

                    (currently on pc) make sure you have zoomaster food skill while in the guiding lands when searching for them, it makes a huge difference in spawn rate (even felyne biologist might help) i noticed that the regular moly spawn more frequently in regions that have higher lvl same idea goes for the special region specific ones for example: my regions are 1-1-7-7-7, moly and special region ones spawn frequently on the 7-7-7 but rarely on the 1-1 so i don't even bother going into lvl 1 regions if i wanted to look for the 1-1 region specific moly's i would either go to a friend's GL or search for someones SOS GL hope this helps

                    • Anonymous

                      PC= i found the normal and the fluffy in area 11 on die bridge from corall areal . in desert area 9 by the tree down.

                      • Anonymous

                        Can also be found in area 14, volcanic region, to the right of the 'nest' along the back open wall. They show up right around the tall rock.

                        • Anonymous

                          Only shows half of the location, needs update for the area for volcanic region and don’t forget the rare variants who can be encountered in lv 5 areas. Also the higher level the more likely they appear.

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