Blue Diva

Location Ancient Forest
Wildspire Waste
Coral Highlands
Type Treetop

Blue Diva is an Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter World (MHW) mhw-iceborne-icon-16pxIceborne. These animals and insects are found out in the field, and can be captured by dedicated Hunters looking to research the New World.


Shhh, quiet now! Hear that beautiful song? It's meant as a mating call to the males, and who wouldn't fall for a voice like that?

Blue Diva Location

You can find Blue Diva in:


Blue Diva Capturing Rewards

You can capture Blue Diva by using the infinite item "capture net" then aiming for the creature with the controller's trigger and pressing Square or the X button on your controller when the outline of the frame turns orange.

  • House placing: 2F Railing, Sky
  • The Sweet Melody trophy/achievement
  • Other rewards: 470 pts


Blue Diva Notes

  • "It's easy to get lost in this bird's beautiful melodies, but it's actually a mating call to the males."
  • Despite some misconception, the ghillie mantle is not required to approach the blue diva.  However, if scared into flight, it may fly close enough to catch without the ghillie mantle, but likely won't land near the player.
  • Sizes: crown_mini 172.76 ~ crown_king 285.62
  • Ancient Forest:
    • Area 11, just outside Northeast Camp (11)
    • Area 17
  • Spawns in multiple locations in Wildspire Waste Area 5
    • The first spot is on a small ledge next to the vines leading to the Blissbill nest at the highest part of Area 5.
      • Due to the rock geometry you will not be able to catch the bird if you aim directly at it from the top of the platform. You will need to aim above it and the net will naturally drop down onto the bird.
      • If you miss the bird at the first spot, it will flight around with the Blissbill flock for a while before flying to the second location listed below. You will not be able to grab the bird as it's flying as it is out of range of the Capture Net.
    • The second spot is in the small cave area located at the top of the stone ramp near the waterfall. If you're coming from the Southern Camp you'll pass through it on the way to the first spot.
      • There is a small alcove with a Vaporonid (yellow spider), and next to it is a small Carrier Ant nest. The bird will rest on the ledge above the ant nest. If you miss catching the bird here it will fly off to the third spot.
    • The third spot is a tree branch on the only tree with leaves on the path from the base of the first spot to the jungle/swamp section in the northern half of Area 5.
      • This is perhaps the easier way to find it as it's easily visible on it's perch and well within range of the Capture Net. 
  • Spawns in multiple locations in Coral Highlands Area 6
    • Close to the entrance from Area 4, just above the point where Grimalkyne and other Tailraiders occasionally spawn
    • One level down close to the Coralbirds, Blue Diva spawns near the Blastnuts on the southeast edge of the area
    • One more level down, on a cliff next to a Spider Web
  • Coral Highlands Area 11
    • Take the ropelift from Area 5. Turn right and look up, the Blue Diva sits on top of a coral platform in the middle of the river, next to 3 Baitbugs



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    • Anonymous

      20 Jul 2021 06:58  

      Took a long time for me to Obtain it through Wildspire lol
      Also Found it through Boa Boa #3 - Pawswap (appearently 3 gives Critters) I have a screen shot, Binoculars for Blue Diva BEST TRADE EVER lol

      • Anonymous

        23 May 2021 19:38  

        So when I was wandering around area 17 in the Ancient Forest, I stumbled upon a nest on a branch. (Not the Rathalos nest, this one is smaller) The nest was big enough for my hunter to stand in with plenty of room. Do any endemic life appear there? I haven't seen any yet. I was thinking I might find a Blue Diva there.

        • Anonymous

          21 May 2021 18:42  

          interesting how this specific species has its females call to the males rather than vice versa. that's unusual for songbirds, i wonder why it does that.

          • Anonymous

            10 Nov 2020 13:51  

            Immediately (within 2 map loads, no joke) after getting one at the top of the blissbill spire in Wildspire Waste... I got traded one by the rightmost boaboa pawswapper @ hoarfrost. The right one seems to pretty consistently give you endemic life for "excited" trades.

            • Anonymous

              05 May 2020 19:17  

              "The second spot is in the small cave area located at the top of the stone ramp near the waterfall" I think I just gave myself a headache after reading that, what area number is it?

              • Anonymous

                08 Mar 2020 21:04  

                Found in area 17, it was raining and daytime. Listen for it's song and try to follow it; if the bird is out of reach shoot the net to startle it and wait until it flies closer to you, at least that's what I had to do

                • Anonymous

                  08 Mar 2020 13:34  

                  Does anyone know if these will spawn when playing in low/high rank? I've only ever seen them while on master rank quests/expeditions.

                  • Anonymous

                    07 Mar 2020 14:36  

                    I found most of mine at night, all in the ancient forest, twice outside camp 11, but mostly at 17. It spawns in two places at camp 17, and Ive found one or two whilst it was raining

                    • Anonymous

                      28 Jan 2020 17:31  

                      In Ancient Forest Sector 17, from the camp, drop down from the swinging vine (where the mushroom and mosswine usually are), directly behind you is a rather straight branch that leads to a hole that will drop you way down into Sector 6 (the pukei lair with the flutterflies). just to the right of that hole, Blue Diva likes to hang out. You'll also see a First Wyverian on occasion.

                      • Anonymous

                        28 Jan 2020 17:17  

                        In Ancient Forest Sector 11, Blue Diva likes to sit dead opposite of a cave that contains 2 bonepiles, a honey and a Vapronid web, this cave entrance abuts the large water section to the northeast (upper right) on the map with the 3 orange arrows on it. The entrance is notable due to a wedge beetle being right in front of the entrance, which is how you get up there. To get the Blue Diva, there's a hidden room across from the aforementioned cave which usually is home to a hercudrome and a honey. if you stand to the left of that entrance to the hercudrome cave, and aim almost straight up, you'll nab it. Just another place to check for you.

                        • Anonymous

                          09 Dec 2019 00:07  

                          Can also be spotted in the Ancient Forest in area 17. Nearer to the bugtrapper's den but you don't need to go there. There is a bonepile next to the dead end path. It spawns to the right side of this platform on a slightly high branch that is nettable.

                          • Anonymous

                            02 Dec 2019 11:15  

                            In the coral highlands in area 6. Just as you tuck into the hole around the big blue things on the ground, you should hear it. Going down the first vine wall then up the one to your right should take you around behind it. Up that next short vine wall and it's doing it's singing just on the ledge of the spiked looking coral. If your aim is good you could probably nab it just as you crawl into this area to your right

                            • Anonymous

                              29 Nov 2019 16:51  

                              Ah... a Comment section on this godforsaken website where every none of the comments have a Bunch of Dislikes for no apparent reason.

                              • Anonymous

                                23 Nov 2019 15:43  

                                This bird's song can sometimes be heard from the middle of area 8, you can then drop down and explore the area below (where all the waterfalls, meduso and coralbirds are) and it can be found there.

                                • Anonymous

                                  07 Oct 2019 18:51  

                                  The weather must be clear, and it must be during the day for the Blue Diva to appear in the Wildspire Wastes. You’ll be able to find it on a rocky peak in Area 5. There’s a small nest just under the peak of this climb. It may sit calmly singing on the small roost area, but if startled, it will fly in circles so you’ll need some patience.

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