Augurfly is an Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter World (MHW). These animals and insects are found out in the field, and can be captured by dedicated Hunters looking to research the New World.


They only emerge on rainy days, and it's said that the day after is guaranteed to be sunny! They're like good weather charms!


You can find the Augurfly in:


Capturing Rewards

You can capture Augurfly by using the infinite item "capture net" then aiming for the creature with the control's trigger and pressing Square on your controller when the outline of the frame turns orange.

  • House placing: Carpet, Floor, Hearth, Garden, Sky
  • Other rewards: 180 RP
  • 110.64 - 203.88



  • Large Gold Crown Conditions: Foul Weather (Rain, etc), Night Time. (There's a possibility of finding the gold crown as long as either condition is met.)
  • [Other games it appears in]
  • When doing the Critical Bounty : Golden Crown Augurfly, it is more likely to be found in Area 15 of the Rotten Vale (Plunderer' Palico Base).
    • The weather must be Acid Rain, use Food Effect: Felyne Weathercat if it is available.
    • The Augurfly will appear as a separate spawn from the Omenfly(s), directly over the small fishing hole as soon as you enter through either entrance.



Endemic Life
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    • Anonymous

      30 Jan 2021 23:27  

      I was trying to catch one in the coral highlands at area 8 but a large monster messed it up, I don't remember which monster was it. It happened today when I was hunting a paolumu and found one at area 3, I caught it but the Paolumu messed it up :(

      • Anonymous

        30 Jan 2021 22:58  

        I found mine everywhere except in the Elder's Recess. You can find these in rainy days. It says in the diary

        • Anonymous

          30 Jan 2021 19:11  

          I find these things near the acid in the rotten vale all the time. Once I saw two right next to eachother! These are actually pretty common like the pilot hare.

          • Anonymous

            25 Jul 2020 15:41  

            I got mine in Wildspire Waste at night near area 10. Jump to area 11 camp, then go up the vines on the left will be monster nest and on the right cave exit. Go to the right, there are 3 Omenfly spawns close to eachother(Augurs spawn there too) and additional Augur spawn on one of the rocks. Remember to get Biolo/Zoo food buffs. Took me ~2h total to get it.

            • Anonymous

              20 Apr 2020 11:59  

              Caught one wildspire waste day sandstorm. Outside camp 11 near bonepile not crown though. Cactuar was at camp too

              • Anonymous

                17 Apr 2020 16:01  

                I found mine today on rainy night in the Ancient forest. Went to the tree top camp in sector 17 and followed the tree top path towards where the egg nest is in sector 16. It was right before you have to crawl into the nest area.

                • Anonymous

                  21 Oct 2019 01:52  

                  The place I've found nearly every augurfly I've ever caught is in sector 15 of the Rotten Vale. Same cave where you can find the bristly crake and the petricanths.

                  • Anonymous

                    02 Feb 2019 05:06  

                    You can find them in camp 17 or something in the Wilshire waste. Go outside the camp to the bats and the bone pile. There will be 2 flying insects most of the time one will be an augorfly it will be the one with darker blue colors

                    • Anonymous

                      28 Jun 2018 01:21  

                      The only ones I found were at the top of the ancient forest in broad sunlight (sector 16 inbetween the camp and the rathalos' resting site)

                      • Anonymous

                        16 Mar 2018 08:09  

                        They may occasionally spawn without it seems. I found mine while searching for a large gunpowder fish in the coral highlands, and it was flying overhead.

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