Prism Hercudrome is an Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter World (MHW). These animals and insects are found out in the field, and can be captured by dedicated Hunters looking to research the New World.


This is the... I... How in the WORLD did you manage to... Ooh, the colors... One, two... four... It's blinding me with rainbow colors!


You can find the Prism Hercudrome in:

  • Ancient Forest, sector 1, on the trunk of a tree overlooking the beach in the southeast, close to several flower beds.
  • Wildspire Waste, sector 10, on the trunk of a dead tree with a wedge beetle, located on the flat rocks/plateaus.
  • Coral Highlands, sector 11, on the trunk of a giant yellow-green coral (next to some pink coral) in the north. From the Ropelift in the sector, it is directly ahead.
  • Rotten Vale, sector 11, on a large protruding rib bone. From Campsite 11, climb the wall of vines on the left, jump down from the ledge next to a Mandragora mushroom, and the rib bone will be directly ahead, on the left.
  • Elder's Recess, sector 3, on a crystal outcropping on the northern edge that overlooks the massive bright crystal core, next to a latchberry.

The Prism Hercudrome won't flee no matter how close the player is. The Prism Hercudrome is only present at dawn or dusk.


Capturing Rewards

You can capture Prism Hercudrome by using the infinite item "capture net" then aiming for the creature with the control's trigger and pressing Square on your controller when the outline of the frame turns orange.

  • House placing: Pot, Entryway, Tree, Column
  • Other rewards: 500 RP, Rainbow Bright Medal (Capture a creature that glitters like a rainbow.)





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