Burst Arowana is an Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter World (MHW). These animals and insects are found out in the field and can be captured by dedicated Hunters looking to research the New World.


This fish is literally bursting with explosive chemicals! It hides in weedy shallows, but it'll run away if you wiggle your bait!


You can find Burst Arowana in:


Capturing Rewards

You can capture Burst Arowana by using the Fishing Rod. Using Baitbugs or Arowana Bait makes them easier to catch.



  • Sizes: 99.58~  135.67
  • Large Gold Crown Conditions: Clear Night Time
  • Great Burst Arowana does not count as a Large Crown



Endemic Life
Andangler  ♦  Arrowhead Gekko  ♦  Augurfly  ♦  Blissbill  ♦  Blue Diva  ♦  Bomb Arowana  ♦  Bomb Beetle  ♦  Bristly Crake  ♦  Cactuar  ♦  Cactuar Cutting  ♦  Carrier Ant  ♦  Climbing Joyperch  ♦  Cobalt Flutterfly  ♦  Copper Calappa  ♦  Crowned Prawn  ♦  Dapper Coralbird  ♦  Downy Crake  ♦  Duffel Penguin  ♦  Dung Beetle  ♦  Elegant Coralbird  ♦  Emerald Helmcrab  ♦  Emperor Hopper  ♦  Flashfly  ♦  Flowering Cactuar Cutting  ♦  Fluffy Moly  ♦  Flying Meduso  ♦  Forest Gekko  ♦  Forest Pteryx  ♦  Giant Vigorwasp  ♦  Glass Parexus  ♦  Gloom Gekko  ♦  Gold Calappa  ♦  Gold Helmcrab  ♦  Gold Hercudrome  ♦  Gold Scalebat  ♦  Golden Helmcrab  ♦  Goldenfish  ♦  Goldenfry  ♦  Goldspring Macaque  ♦  Grandfather Mantagrell  ♦  Great Goldenfish  ♦  Great King Marlin  ♦  Gunpowderfish  ♦  Hercudrome  ♦  Hopguppy  ♦  Iron Helmcrab  ♦  Moly  ♦  Moon Slug  ♦  Moonlight Gekko  ♦  Mossy Moly  ♦  Nekker  ♦  Nitrotoad  ♦  Omenfly  ♦  Paratoad  ♦  Pearlspring Macaque  ♦  Petricanths  ♦  Phantom Flutterfly  ♦  Pilot Hare  ♦  Pink Parexus  ♦  Platinumfish  ♦  Prism Hercudrome  ♦  Revolture  ♦  Rime Beetle  ♦  Rocky Moly  ♦  Rowdy Moly  ♦  Scalebat  ♦  Scavantula  ♦  Sealord's Crestfish  ♦  Shepherd Hare  ♦  Shiny Gold Helmcrab  ♦  Sleeptoad  ♦  Soldier Helmcrab  ♦  Stonebill  ♦  Sushifish  ♦  Tsuchinoko  ♦  Tyrant Hopper  ♦  Vaporonoid  ♦  Vigorwasp  ♦  Whetfish  ♦  Wiggler  ♦  Wiggler Queen  ♦  Wildspire Gekko  ♦  Wintermoon Nettle  ♦  Woodland Pteryx

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    • Anonymous

      Coral 6 got lots of of them if you aim for the Gold Crown

      At the same time you can also keep an eye out for the Gold Crown Dabber since there are tons of coral birds on the way starting from area 1

      • Anonymous

        got mine in ancient forest at 11, there are two spots with a group of them down there both at the far end. started at night but it was well into day when i picked up the large gold crown

        • Anonymous

          Does NOT need to be night time to get a gold crown in Coral Highlands area 6. I just caught mine, and in the upper left of the UI is a sun. Sun is out in every above ground zone. Fast Travel shows daytime for all zones.

          • Anonymous

            On the bottom of area 6 in Coral Highlands there is a lot of Burst Arowana. Its a little trick since you got your feet in the water, scaring the fishes.

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