Wintermoon Nettle

Location Hoarfrost Reach
Type Unclassified
Conditions Clear Nights

Wintermoon Nettle is an Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter World (MHW). These animals and insects are found out in the field, and can be captured by dedicated Hunters looking to research the New World.


Ahh, look at those tentacles! I always wanted to count them for myself! OK OK, one...two...three⁠—Hey, quit moving! One...two..

Wintermoon Nettle Location

You can find Wintermoon Nettle in:

  • Hoarfrost Reach, Area 14 on Clear Nights (Hidden spot atop the mountain accessed from Area 13)


Wintermoon Nettle Capturing Rewards

  • House placing: Sky
  • Other rewards: 800 pts


Wintermoon Nettle Notes

  • "Extremely few of this species have been seen, and only on nights where large Moon Slug populations appear."
  • Daytime: only at Night (during CLEAR WEATHER, not raining)
  • Sizes: 1243.91 ~  1850.32
  • The creature is easily visible from locations such as the ice bridge near the Center Camp and the Area 13 Hot Spring. You can check to see if it is circling the mountain top from these locations, saving you a trip up the obstacle course-like path to it's spawning location.



Endemic Life
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    • A common misconception keeps coming up on the "Night only" endemic life where people have caught them during the day, note this does not mean it SPAWNS during the day; these would be results of residual spawns from the prior night and/or dawn phases which can still have them spawn in, and you simply checked later after the fact, and it still considered the creature spawned in. Thus being there during day, even with creatures known to disappear at the day phase such as the Nettle.

      • Anonymous

        I spent three in game nights stood at the spawn in clear weather and didnt get ****. Id recommend going back and forth from hoarfrost and coral durning the night, the run to the nettle is long but its quicker than waiting nearly an hour and a half without doing anything. Got it today doing this, its the best technique if you have to make the most of your time, hands down. Moonslugs were out also.

        • Anonymous

          i just spend 30 food ticket to get the zoologist skill , didint find it , i am gona do that all day . Cant beleive i kill the fatalis before finding this slug ... on console cuz i already got it easily on pc .

          • Anonymous

            I recommend taking an insect glaive with you when you traverse the mountain obstacle course. There's a section where a wind geyser is supposed to push you up to the next section, but it glitches out sometimes. An insect glaive will allow you to get up to the next section if you vault and then dash in the air on the left side of the cave, a little ways up the slope so you can get some extra height.

            • Anonymous

              if you read the endemic life field guide of the moon slug it tells you that when there is a lot of moon slug out keep an eye out for a special guest. I wonder if the moon slug's appearing is one of the condition as well. Since the only time that I caught mine was when there was numbers of moon slug appearing near the path towards the summit of the area 14, and I have been up to the summit dozen times during night time and clear weather without seeing moon slug then this rare creature just never spawn for me. IDK maybe just bad RNG on my part.

              • Anonymous

                ok, i got this during the day, not night. I randomly got it first try up the mountain and it is really making my son mad cuz we can't get it to spawn for him after hours of waiting. It says night, but i got it during the day so that was weird.

                • Anonymous

                  Hey, Highly recommend still heading up to the top even if you don't see it from the ground thing has super finicky spawns

                  • Anonymous

                    I found mine randomly without Zoomaster, and didn’t find it when I wasn’t using it. I don’t know whether to feel lucky af or confused lmao

                    • Anonymous

                      beware, it can randomly vanish for no reason if you look away. luckily their is a mod for 100% spawn rate, that was an amazing waste of time ...

                      • Anonymous

                        Turns out they randomize their size every ~2 laps they take around the mountain top and won't de-spawn as long as you keep your camera trained on them. The Small Crown for one is 1259.46

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