Location Rotten Vale
Elder's Recess
Type Aquatic

Petricanths is an Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter World (MHW). These animals and insects are found out in the field, and can be captured by dedicated Hunters looking to research the New World.


Unbelievable... You've managed to fish up the legendary, thought-to-have-gone-extinct Petricanths! I take my hat off to you!

Petricanths Location

You can find Petricanths in:

Fishing all the fish in a pond will cause it to refresh after a short time, alternating between both areas also refreshes them. As a larger fish, the player needs to play the fishing mini-game. A baitbug can help lure the Petricanths but isn't mandatory.


Petricanths Capturing Rewards

You can capture Petricanths by using the Fishing Rod and succeeding in the fishing mini-game.

  • House placing: Pond
  • Other rewards: 500 RP, A Living Fossil Medal (Capture a fish known as “the living fossil.”)


Petricanths Notes



Endemic Life
Andangler  ♦  Augurfly  ♦  Blissbill  ♦  Bomb Arowana  ♦  Bomb Beetle  ♦  Bristly Crake  ♦  Burst Arowana  ♦  Cactuar  ♦  Cactuar Cutting  ♦  Carrier Ant  ♦  Climbing Joyperch  ♦  Cobalt Flutterfly  ♦  Copper Calappa  ♦  Dapper Coralbird  ♦  Downy Crake  ♦  Dung Beetle  ♦  Elegant Coralbird  ♦  Emerald Helmcrab  ♦  Emperor Hopper  ♦  Flashfly  ♦  Flowering Cactuar Cutting  ♦  Flying Meduso  ♦  Forest Gekko  ♦  Forest Pteryx  ♦  Giant Vigorwasp  ♦  Gloom Gekko  ♦  Gold Calappa  ♦  Gold Hercudrome  ♦  Gold Scalebat  ♦  Golden Helmcrab  ♦  Goldenfish  ♦  Goldenfry  ♦  Grandfather Mantagrell  ♦  Great Goldenfish  ♦  Gunpowderfish  ♦  Hercudrome  ♦  Hopguppy  ♦  Iron Helmcrab  ♦  Moonlight Gekko  ♦  Nekker  ♦  Nitrotoad  ♦  Omenfly  ♦  Paratoad  ♦  Phantom Flutterfly  ♦  Pilot Hare  ♦  Pink Parexus  ♦  Platinumfish  ♦  Prism Hercudrome  ♦  Revolture  ♦  Scalebat  ♦  Scavantula  ♦  Shepherd Hare  ♦  Shiny Gold Helmcrab  ♦  Sleeptoad  ♦  Soldier Helmcrab  ♦  Sushifish  ♦  Tsuchinoko  ♦  Tyrant Hopper  ♦  Vaporonoid  ♦  Vigorwasp  ♦  Whetfish  ♦  Wiggler  ♦  Wiggler Queen  ♦  Wildspire Gekko  ♦  Woodland Pteryx


    • Anonymous

      20 Jan 2019 06:17  

      I found mine in the area 8 camp of the Elder's Recess. Ran between the Rotten Vale of area 15 and area 8 of Elders back and forth a few times and found it. I only looked in High rank, not sure about Low rank yet.

      • Anonymous

        18 Apr 2018 01:56  

        On a positive note in Elder Recess (sect 8), you always find a Gastronome Tuna 150RP in the upper right portion of the pond and sometimes a Giant Goldenfish 150RP in the left area near where the Petricanth would rarely appear.

        • Anonymous

          06 Mar 2018 08:51  

          If you don't want to take the time to catch all the fish, you can also just scare them away with your capture net

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