Location Rotten Vale
Elder's Recess
Type Aquatic

Petricanths is an Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter World (MHW). These animals and insects are found out in the field, and can be captured by dedicated Hunters looking to research the New World.


Previously known via fossils, this species was thought extinct. Finding otherwise was a real surprise.


You can find Petricanths in:

Fishing all the fish in a pond will cause it to refresh after a short time, alternating between both areas also refreshes them. As a larger fish, the player needs to play the fishing mini-game.

Capturing Rewards

You can capture Petricanths by using the Fishing Rod and succeeding in the fishing mini-game.

  • House placing: Aquarium or Pond
  • Other rewards: 500 RP, A Living Fossil Medal (Capture a fish known as “the living fossil.”)



  • Target of the Research Help: Capture the Ancient critical bounty; you must to capture 1 of them after receiving the bounty
  • Don't jig/wiggle your bait, as it will startle the fish; though they should return after a short while (but don't leave the area or it will unspawn)
  • A baitbug is recommended to lure this fish
  • Piscine Researcher: "Unbelievable... You've managed to fish up the legendary, thought-to-have-gone-extinct Petricanths! I take my hat off to you!"
  • It is based on the coelacanth
  • Can also be paw-swapped with plunderers in rotten vale in Iceborne DLC
  • 134.02 ~ 199.35


Endemic Life
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    • Anonymous

      22 May 2021 03:20  

      I've caught all endemic life, just working on their crowns; my route is: Rotten Value Camp 11, fast travel to the plunderer paw swap (yes you can fast travel to the paw swap if you didn't know), that sets you right next to the pool, if it ain't there don't leave yet, turn around and check the mossy pig because a Bristly Crake likes to spawn on his back and I would suggest not using Ghillie mantle until after you fast travel because crakes rarely spawn if you wear your Ghillie mantle in the immediate area. Put it on right before you climb to check.

      Next ofc is Camp 8 in Elder's Recess, there's a Moonlight Gecko on the wall just left of the exit. So keep an eye out for that.

      • Anonymous

        17 Feb 2021 00:39  

        Doesn't seem like conditions matter. I found it back left of Plunderers cave in high rank with no special conditions, clear weather, and day time

        • Anonymous

          31 Jan 2021 15:01  

          I finally caught it. It took 1 year to look for it. I found it in the Elder's Recess During the day with no report. I'm so happy now :)

          • Anonymous

            07 Aug 2020 21:15  

            Here are my observations: expedition rank doesn't matter. What really matter is: Upsurge Ancient Fossil or Upsurge Amber Deposits. Almost a guaranteed spawn under these conditions.

            • Anonymous

              11 Jul 2020 10:20  

              Go to Elder Recess (Whatever rank) camp 8, see on the left side of the tent, if it's not there try to scare the fish away (i would usually capture some fish using net), go to camp 1, wait for maybe 2-3 minutes, go back to camp 8, if it's still not there try to repeat going to camp 1 then camp 8. This what i would do just because going to Rotten Vale with loading and actually walk to the fishing spot is a pain, drink six trailblazer to make it easier to spawn. I caught the fish thrice because on the first two i didn't know the fish is supposed to be a quest lol

              • Anonymous

                24 May 2020 16:20  

                After doing Elder Recess HR and Rotten Vale LR for 15 minutes per previous comments, I found it at Rotten Vale 15 MR.

                • Anonymous

                  14 May 2020 03:34  

                  Found it first time Rotten Vale 15, in the left pool (back in the end) behind the plunderers.. Not sure if it was luck but tried everywhere else and this spot i got in the first try.

                  • Anonymous

                    29 Apr 2020 14:44  

                    Can confirm that its low rank Rotten vale at the golden fish area at area 15 and high rank at the camp at area 8 at elder recess

                    • Anonymous

                      13 Feb 2020 02:01  

                      Dont see it mentioned so I wanted to point out they can also spawn in the pool behind the Plunderers. I saw one on the left side of it while I was there pawswapping.

                      • Anonymous

                        03 Feb 2020 21:35  

                        Easiest place is Elder's Recess Camp 8. The pool is *RIGHT* by the camp so you don't need to do running. Load in, look to the left, he'll be obvious. If not there, reload. I got super lucky and got it on my third try.

                        • Anonymous

                          28 Jan 2020 19:19  

                          is there some requirement to capture this fish because every video I have seen of it there are 3 Cats right next to the place you get it and I don't have those!

                          • Anonymous

                            16 Jan 2020 11:59  

                            Captured 32 of these fishes, always in Rotten Vale in the caves where you can pawswap things with the locals

                            • Anonymous

                              23 Dec 2019 02:14  

                              Got it from pawswap twice! Also way easier to find at elders recess at night even without zoomaster. i’ve seen it way more there.

                              • Anonymous

                                04 Jul 2019 04:26  

                                Easy spawn at NIGHT time. Elder camp 8 pond, and Rotten camp 11, pond behind palico tailraiders. Found it in 15 minutes switching locations. Cheers!

                                • Anonymous

                                  20 Jan 2019 06:17  

                                  I found mine in the area 8 camp of the Elder's Recess. Ran between the Rotten Vale of area 15 and area 8 of Elders back and forth a few times and found it. I only looked in High rank, not sure about Low rank yet.

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