Felynes in Monster Hunter: World are cat-like creatures that perform a variety of tasks. Some of them, called Palicoes, accompany you on Quests to slay Monsters


Felynes are small bipedal cat creatures. They are sentient, and form small tribal communities in the wilderness but many felynes join human communities and usually work as servants, cooks and craftsmen. Felynes that accompany hunters are called Palicoes. 


Race Felynes
Roles Buffs, Debuffs, DPS, Gathering

Palicoes are a cat-like combat companion in Monster Hunter World. As hunters' reliable comrades out in the field, they specialize in a variety of offensive, defensive, and restorative support abilities. The hunter's Palico joins the Fifth Fleet with pride, as much a bona fide member of the Commission as any other hunter.

You only get one Palicoe. The one you customize during character creation will be the only companion Palicoe. Others will be in the Town or Players Housing but do not accompany the Hunter.

Palicoes are reliable comrades while out on the hunt. They'll support you in numerous ways during quests, from attacking monsters to utilizing useful gadgets.

Palicoes in MHW

  • Palicoes can be outfitted with Weapons and Armor that you make for them in Crafting
  • They can be leveled up according to traits and roles you wish for them to serve
  • In combat, they can support you with offensive and defensive maneuvers
  • They can serve as harvesting helpers for gathering Items in the wild
  • They can communicate with local wild cats and convince them to help hunters by setting traps
  • Only one Palico can be brought on a quest, but the Palico can temporarily recruit wild cats and small monsters to help
  • Palicoes can be equiped with gadgets that give powerful bonuses on command

Palico Gadgets

  • Vigorwasp Spray: The Palico pulls out a vigorwasp and rides it towards the hunter. It then explodes, healing the hunter.
    • Acquired by: Starter Gadget.
  • Flashfly Cage: The Palico pulls out a cage with a flashfly in it. The hunter can then hit the cage to create a large flash. (
    • Acquired by: Bugtrapper Clan Quest in Ancient Forest.
  • Shieldspire: The Palico pulls out a shield with a face on it. The Palico then taunts the monster into attacking it while using the shield to stay alive. (
    • Acquired by: Protector Quest in Wildspire Waste.
  • Coral Orchestra: The Palico pulls out a Coral Instrument. The Palico then plays one of several songs that applies a buff (e.g. Attack Up, Defense Up, Bleeding Resistance, Stamina Drain Down).  
    • Acquired by: Troupper Quest in Coral Highlands.
  • Plunderblade: The Palico pulls out a plunderblade and snacthes items from monsters (e.g. scales, fangs ...).
    • Acquired by:  Plunderer Quest in Rotten Vale.
  • Meowlatov Cocktail: The Palico pulls out a ceramic pot and throws it at monster causing it to explode and deal damage.
    • Acquired by: Gajalaka Quest in Elder's Recess.

Palico Gallery


Palico Weapons in Monster Hunter World (MHW) are used by Palicoes to attack and deal damage to Monsters. Palico Weapons are handled a bit different than player Weapons and there are much fewer to choose from. Below is a list of Palico Weapons in Monster Hunter World.


Palico Weapons (MHW)



Name & Icon Rarity mhw-attack mhw-attack-type mhw-element-damage mhw-affinity mhw-defense_s

Felyne Bone Spade

1 8 10 Severing None 0% -

Felyne Anja Hammer

1 8 10 Blunt mhw-fire-damage_s Fire 10 0% -

Felyne Forest Arrow

1 4 6 Blunt mhw-poison-status-effect-s Poison 80 0% -
Felyne Acorn Spade 1 2 2 Severing None 0% -
Felyne Bone Hammer 1 4 2 Blunt None 0% -
Felyne Jag Gunhammer 1 5 3 Blunt None 0% -
Felyne Kulu Lute 1 3 5 Blunt None 10% -
Felyne Pukei Bow 2 4 6 Blunt Poison 80 0% -
Felyne Iron Sword 2 2 4 Severing None 0% -
Felyne Barroth Mace 2 12 8 Blunt None -20% +5
Felyne Jyura Sword 2 7 6 Severing Water 100 0% -
Felyne Kadachi Fork 2 6 5 Severing Thunder 140 10% -
Felyne Anja Bonehammer 3 14  12  Blunt Fire 160  -30% 
Felyne Rathian Rapier 3 10 8 Severing Poison 90 0% -
Felyne Lumu Pawpads 3 10 12 Blunt None 0% -
Felyne Baan Ball 3 10 8 Blunt Sleep 55 0% +5
Kitty-of-the-Valley Rod 3 10 8 Blunt Paralysis 55 0% -
Felyne Legiana Sword 4 8 8 Severing Ice 180 0% -
Felyne Garon Chainblade 4 11 11 Severing None 30% -
Felyne Rathalos Blade 4 16 14 Severing Fire 120 10% -

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