Wyvern Egg

silver egg
Points 12

Ancient Forest

Wildspire Waste

Wyvern Egg is an Account Item in Monster Hunter World (MHW). These items do not appear in your Item Pouch, and are used for Resource Points instead.


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How to get Wyvern Egg

This material can be obtained by searching nests. The first nest can be discovered anytime after the game's tutorial in the Ancient Forest in area 16 (just keep following the paths upward from the tutorial's Jagras cave). This nest could be farmed for 250 research points per run in early story or optional quests as the high level enemies will not be present & you only need to evade a few Jagras and/or Kestadon en route to the base camp.

How to deliver Wyvern Egg

The egg must be carried back to a camp, & delivered to the supply chest using the interact button (A/X).  Be careful not accidentally hit the drop button instead. Additionally, when transporting the egg, you will be unable to interact with any collectables, but can still use climbable walls & can evade roll. Be careful when rolling too often as if your stamina runs out & you get winded, you will automatically drop the egg.

Safest Transport Guide

1. Start in AREA 17 Camp in Ancient Forest.
2. Use skills like Pro Transporter, Marathon Runner, Stealth and just in case Earplugs and Intimidator.
3. Use Stamina boosting items before heading out from the camp.
4. Go south to the Wyverns Nest.
5. Use item Ghillie Mantle right before you pick up the egg.
6. When you pick up the egg, start running towards the sliding slope down.
7. Keep to the left side without dropping down.
8. Run towards the opening in the vines in front of you.
9. If you get inside there, it's already safe, there you only need to go to the camp to deposit the egg.
10. If you need to gather two eggs, you must run the entire way, you can do two egg gathering runs with 1 Ghillie Mantle use.
11. You can use this strategy in any Transport run.

Easiest Transport Guide

1. Start in AREA 11 Camp in Wildspire Waste.
2. Use skills like Pro Transporter, Marathon Runner.
3. Use Stamina boosting items before heading out from the camp.
4. Go north above to the Wyverns Nest.
6. When you pick up the egg, start running towards the lower area in the middle, you can't slide there sadly.
7. Drop down to the first right side in the edge.
9. Run towards the camp and deposit the egg, and you're done, and nobody is the wiser who stole the egg.

First-timer/No Preparation/Safe Transport Guide

1. To get to Wyvern Nest first you need to go in AREA 5 in the Ancient Forest.
2. Here you have to shoot a stone at any Wingdrakes
3. After you hit him, go towards him and press "O" to hook onto it
4. Now wait until he stops carrying you :)
5. From here you have to go all the way up to find the nest.
6. Take the egg and start running.
7. Go down one floor and jump of the the first ledge but not all the way down otherwise the egg will break.
8. Jump the second ledge
9. Now go left on the river slide-way , now jump of the ledge at the end of the slide-way
10. Go a little left then jump off again,
11. Follow the path until you can see some vines.
12. Go straight to the Camp.
13. Try to stick on the right side of the road for a little shortcut
14. Rathian mostly waits for you at the end of the road
15.Take the shortcut to the left and climb the vines and you made it .

Video explanation of how to get Wyvern Egg here.


Quests that reward Wyvern Egg

Name Quantity Chance %
Quest Name ?? ??

Monsters that drop Wyvern Egg

Monster Name Carve & Quantity Chance %
Monster Name ?? ??

Locations with Wyvern Egg

Location Name Gather Amount Chance %
?? ?? ??




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