The White Winds of the New World

Quest Type Hunting Quest, Level 9
Monster Legiana
Location Special Arena
Rewards 27720zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
Time Limit 25 min

The White Winds of the New World is an Optional Quest in Monster Hunter World (MHW)


Hunt all target monsters.

To the hunter who has conquered every investigation, I offer this, the ultimate quest. Enter the Special Arena and take on the New World. Use all that lies before you, and claim glory.

The White Winds of the New World Information 

  • Conditions: HR 15 or higher
  • Failure Conditions: Time expires, Faint 3 times.
  • Unlock Conditions: Complete all other optional quests up to 8 stars as well as the 9 star optional quest A Light Upon the River's Gloom vs Xeno'jiiva. (Red completed stamp required next to quest selections 1-8) Includes finishing all assignment quests including HR 49's Tempered Kirin mission. It is not required to do the optional DLC quests (lunastra/deviljho).
  • Reward: Rainbow color armor pigment, Research Commission Ticket
    • Rainbow Armor Pigment isn't necessarily a reward from this quest. It's a reward for completing ALL optional quests, so completing this via SOS Flare won't reward you with the pigment if you haven't unlocked this quest yourself. It will, however, still reward you with the Research Commission Ticket.
  • After completing this quest, talk to The Commander to unlock dialogues with everyone in Astera and the Research Base

The White Winds of the New World Notes

  • Only the Legiana is in the arena at the start, the Odogaron comes in second, then the Diablos and finally the Rathalos. Spawn timer/conditions yet to know.
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    • Anonymous

      10 Aug 2019 23:29  

      I got all optional quest completed but the quest hasn't unlock for me, not until today. I notice that you'll also need to complete research on a certain amount of monsters, not all since i only have Lavasioth and the elder dragons not fully researched yet.

      • Anonymous

        05 Apr 2019 23:30  

        Ok i did go and Capture monster for monster in Rank 6 Level (where "Complete" is in blue") and after Barroth Cap. i got Arena quest for Barroth. After that "Complete" did go Red and i got The White Winds of the New World Quest. The Arena quest can come with Time or After the Capture or a Monster.

        • Anonymous

          05 Apr 2019 17:45  

          To get this Quest you need all 1-8 Optional Quest with "Complete" in Red. If it is Blue then you need more quest in that Level. maybe Capture all monster in that Quest level. gotta try a few Things.

          • Anonymous

            19 Mar 2019 00:09  

            If you're struggling to find out which Special Arena quests you need to complete... refer to the Monster Field Guide and check if you've captured at least every monster, once. Go capture those you've missed. Once you capture them you should unlock their Special Arena quest upon returning to Astera.

            • Anonymous

              03 Feb 2019 06:12  

              You unlock this quest by finishing all optional and special arena quests up to 7 star difficulty. I unlocked this quest after realizing I was missing a special arena uraagan.

              • Anonymous

                31 Jan 2019 23:22  

                this is kinda bull*****ive spent 3 days now trying to get this quest and still nothing im missing something but ive re captured everything and no new arenas .-.

                • Anonymous

                  10 Jan 2019 17:17  

                  Just go trough ALL optional quests you can find.. and speak to everybody in the hunter areas. AND be HR49+. then youll unlock this crap

                  • Anonymous

                    14 Dec 2018 11:03  

                    For being the final Quest I expected something a bit more challenging, but It's always chill n' nice to see how far you've come from bashing those fours heads . c:

                    • Anonymous

                      20 Nov 2018 21:56  

                      quick question, how do you get the "completed!" mark to be red? i have completed every quest for 4 star and 6 star, but the "completed!" mark is silver or gray. is there a way to make them red?

                      • Anonymous

                        28 Oct 2018 05:53  

                        You MUST complete the 9 star Xeno optional. We did everything except that and it unlocked as soon as it was completed. Edited wiki.

                        • Anonymous

                          03 Oct 2018 07:14  

                          So specific times: Legiana starts in the arena. Odogaron enters after 3 minutes (22:00 left) Diablos enters after 8 minutes (17:00 left) Rathalos enters after 10 minutes (15:00 left) No matter how long it takes you to finish the prior monster/s off the entrance time is the same, except rathalos who won't enter until there's 3 or fewer monsters in the arena. Similarly if you, say, don't get to this mission until you're well onto threat level 3 tempered and thus finish a given monster/set with minutes to spare, it won't release the next early; you just kinda have to sit there. Also remember you can still capture monsters you fight in arena, which will speed things up a little if you get the quest earlier and find you're struggling with time.

                          • Anonymous

                            28 Aug 2018 06:47  

                            "It's a reward for completing ALL optional quests," This is factually untrue. The pigment was obtained with 9 star quests still blue for me.

                            • Anonymous

                              27 Aug 2018 22:40  

                              the only condition is completing all optional quests. this INCLUDES that you have done all special arena quests after capturing the monsters. (low rank as well as high rank). you can see if you miss a quest if you only have a blue completed sign instead of the red one what you're aiming for at 1-8 stars quests.

                              • Anonymous

                                27 Aug 2018 00:28  

                                You don't need to capture every monster twice. HR49 quest unlocked this for me and i have (1) captures on most monsters in my field guide

                                • Anonymous

                                  26 Aug 2018 21:02  

                                  Got the rainbow pigment on PC from beating this while still needing to unlock the level 1 & 2 tempered monster optional quests.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    31 Jul 2018 14:32  

                                    Conditions to unlock are as follows. 1) 15 different monster have maxed out research (doesn't matter if it's high rank only or both high/low so long as it's maxed out). 2) Capture at least 1 of every creature (low & high ranks are considered different creatures so have to capture some twice; once as low & then again as high). 3) All optional quests from rank 1 to 8 completed (this does not count for any downloaded content; this means some optional quest can be missed).

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