The Place Where Winter Sleeps

Quest Type Event Quest
Monster Arch-Tempered Velkhana
Location Elder Recess
Rewards 57600zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
Time Limit 30 min

The Place Where Winter Sleeps is a Quest in Monster Hunter World (MHW)


As leader of this hunt, I've been granted authority to add new recruits to our ranks. Our target is an incredibly ferocious Velkhana. Want a challenge? Then help us send it to its end!

The Place Where Winter Sleeps Information


mhw-wiki-iceborne-master-rankNote and Tips

  • In this quest, Velkhana always starts in area 8 and sleeps(from low health) in area 8 with no wall bang possible.
  • This quest has a 30 minutes timer, making it harder to cheese the fight. Be prepared and have enough damage because Velkhana has a lot of health in this quest.
  • Velkhana has an anti-clutch claw mechanic. If a player clutch claws on Velkhana when there's no opening, Velkhana will follow up with a charge attack which will pin the player to the ground. Having the Rocksteady Mantle will not prevent it and also result in getting pinned to the ground. Having the Temporal Mantle will not prevent it because the charge attack will consume the temporal mantle very quickly and thus also result in getting pinned to the ground. Use the clutch claw when there's an opening when Velkhana is toppled or staggered, you can't rely on mantles to safely clutchclaw.
  • AT Velkhana has an Aura system which makes her more powerful and resistant through the fight(see image below). Elderseal will prevent and lower the aura levels. So a weapon with Elderseal can be used to try to keep the aura level low, Fatalis weapons do a very good job with this.
  • AT Velkhana has a 360 degree frost breath nova that can't be blocked, even with Guard Up. It can be avoided by evading or hugging Velkhana's hind legs.
  • The Boulders in area 8 can be used to damage Velkhana if she's below them.
  • Flashpods can be used to knock Velkhana down to the ground when she's flying.
  • A lot of Velkhana attacks apply Ice Blight, Blight Resistance 2 or 3, or an ice resistance above 20 will help to negate it. Ice Blight can be dangerous by putting you very fast at low stamina and thus preventing the player to roll/dodge. 
  • Resuscitate will negate Ice Blight's effect.
  • Evade Window is very useful because a lot of Velkhana attacks can be i-framed, it will help to roll through ice beams. Divine Blessing can prevent deaths and one-shots, making survivability easier.
  • Safeguard, Insurance and Moxie are good canteen skills to survive the fight longer. Elemental Res Up can help to get 20 Ice resistance and very slightly reduce damage from ice attacks.


mhw-wiki-iceborne-master-rankQuest Rewards



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Guided, A Paean  ♦  To the Very Ends with You  ♦  Today's Special Hunter Flambe  ♦  Today's Special: Hunter Flambé  ♦  Tracking the Delivery  ♦  Treasure in the Steam  ♦  Trespassing Troublemaker  ♦  Triple Threat Throwdown  ♦  Troubled Troupers  ♦  Tundra Troublemaker  ♦  Two-horned Hostility  ♦  Under the Veil of Death  ♦  Undying Alpenglow  ♦  Up at the Crack of Dawn  ♦  Up to Your Waist in the Waste  ♦  Urgent: Pukei-Pukei Hunt  ♦  USJ Blazing Azure Stars!  ♦  USJ: Gold Star Treatment  ♦  Vespoid Infestation!  ♦  We Run This Town  ♦  Wearer of the Iceborne Crown  ♦  Well, That Diablos!  ♦  What a Bunch of Abalone  ♦  When Blue Dust Surpasses Red Lust  ♦  When Desire Becomes an Obsession  ♦  When the Mist Taketh You  ♦  When the Swift Meets the Roar  ♦  Where Sun Meets Moon  ♦  White Monster for a White Coat  ♦  Wicked Wildspire Warfare  ♦  Wiggle Me This  ♦  Wildspire Bolero  ♦  Wildspire Rampage  ♦  Wings of the Wind  ♦  Wolf Out of Hell  ♦  Ya-Ku With That  ♦  Yodeling in the 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    • Anonymous

      Hammer main here, I'm a solo player on PS4 and I beat Archtempered Velkhana this morning with gear obtainable in solo play. (Raging Brachy hammer, Rajang helm, Damascus chestlplate, Shara braces, Damascus coil, Furious Rajang leggings, Master's Charm IV, Evasion Mantle+ and Glider Mantle+)

      You don't need Fatalis gear to defeat it, although Fatalis weapons will do wonders if you do have them. I do have a few recommendations and tips for any of you who are struggling and came to this page for help!

      1) Skills:

      I'd recommend the usual set of skills for this quest, really: Crit Eye VII, Crit Boost III, Weakness Exploit III, Earplugs V, Health Boost III, etc... Although I'd advise against bringing stuff like Ice Res, Blight Res, Guard, Divine Blessing, etc... Here are the ones that are particularly useful for this quest:


      It's a simlpe one-level skill that helps massively with the hammer in general, but with Velkhana's constant platform-spawning shenanighans, you'll find yourself off the ground much more often that usual! Most of the attacks that allow you to jump off of these ice platforms will give you a clea aerial route towards the head, so get in there charging and smash its face in!


      This one-level skill is a must for any quest that involves fighting a hard monster that you know will kill you a few times. Its damage boost is non-negligable, and the same goes for the defense boost it offers after two faints. I'd advise you go for an Open-Road Platter for an extra faint if you want to have that buff for more than a single remaining faint. It also serves as a great motivator, reminding you that you'll be able to deal even more damage than before, potentially getting you closer to victory.


      The reason I'd advise not bringing Ice Res, Blight Res, or even eating for Elemental Res Up is so that you can suffer from Iceblight. That's right, you can use this thing to your advantage! It's yet another one-level skill that does wonders here, as it will not only boost your stamina regen while active (which completely negates the stamina regen decrease of Iceblight), but it will also give you the same amount of I-frames during dodges as Evade Window V would! If Iceblight can't beat you, it's only logical that it'll join you instead!

      -Evade Window

      ArchVelk demands a lot of rolling, and some of its most infamously powerful attacks can overwhelm hunters with ease. Evade Window allows you to turn your roll into a saving grace! The base roll does have I-frames by default, but it requires insane timing at times. I'd advise going up to Evade Window III at least, and to maybe pack two more levels in one or both of your mantles like I did.

      2) General tips:

      The start of the quest is fairly important. I started from the Southern Camp and buffed-up with my Energy Drink, Mega-Demondrug, Mega-Armorskin and ate the Wiggly Litchi found right outside the camp. Before heading down, I told my Shieldspire Palico to use a Tailraider Signal to summon an extra Felyne meatshield while picking up stones for later. I then donned my Glider Mantle+ on the way down to ArchVelk. I approached it, clutched its head as soon as it noticed me, punched it twice, went for a Flinch Shot into a wall, then power charged and charged as I made my way to the head in preparation for a Charged Brutal Big Bang, followed by a Claw Shot into a tenderizing attack. From there, the fight can finally begin.

      Out of all of its attacks, there are four that are fairly notable and dangerous, yet very rewarding if answered to correctly:

      -Sweeping breath attack

      If Velkhana leaps away from you, you should immediately go and make your way back to it. It usually means that it'll go for its sweeping breath, which deals an insane amount of damage. You can either roll to the left to avoid it with the right timing, which I'd call the better option if you like using Evasion Mantle, or run to the right and attack after making sure that you won't be in the way of the attack. If you are sliding, then may Fatalis have mercy on your soul, because you won't be able to roll through the attack. Your only option wil be to jump over it as it passes through, which is inconsistent at best.

      -Snowflake attack

      In one swift breath, Velkhana will create several lines of ice spikes that all converge towards itself, which will all then grow spontaneously at the same time. This attack is scary, but keep calm and make sure not to dodge into harm's way while trying to make it out alive. The ice spikes that are closest to Velkhana will then turn into ice platforms, which can be used as ledges to jump off of. Combine this with Velkhana's long recovery animation, and you'll be able to crush its skull very consistently.

      -Ice rings attack

      Is ArchVelk flying above you and spewing its cool breath downwards? Well, rejoice! It's performing its most punishable attack! It generally occurs after tail attacks, but it can happen on its own. If you've fought Alatreon, then you'll be able to get the hang of this attack fairly easly. Velkhana will create rings that explode one after the other, starting from the middle. Simply walk out of the first circle, then roll back into it right after it explodes! You can even just walk or charge out and back in for maximum punish potential. Although, do note that slopes will make this attack much harder to dodge, so I'd recommend fleeing if you got buttery shoes.

      -Nova attack

      Velkhana's nova is, surprisingly enough, one of the safest and easiest to punish in Iceborne. It combines the sweeping breath attack with its ice rings attack to take care of both far-off and close hunters. I'd recommend you walk right in. That's right. Get in there and give Velkhana a good ol' hug. You'll be able to dodge the breath entirely, and from there, it just becomes a regular ice rings attack. If the terrain that Velkhana's at is sloped, I'd recommend running away from this attack, although do note that you will have to roll through the breath at least once before making it to safety.

      Earlier, I've mentionned that my Palico had the Shieldspire as its Palico Gadget, and that is because the Shieldspire Stooge is incredibly powerful in this fight. Not only will it often bait regular attacks, but in the event that it goes for an ice rings attack on your Stooge, you'll know exactly where the first ring will explode, allowing you to walk straight in if you're close enough! Don't forget to ask your Palico to put one down whenever Velkhana moves out of the area.

      Finally, my last tip is to be as agressive as possible. Is Velkhana locked into a recovery animation while not enraged? Go for a wallbang. Have you mounted it? Make sure to clutch its head after knocking it down to tenderize it pretty-much instantly. Got an opportunity for damage, no matter how small? Go. For. It. This quest will remind you that time limits exist, and it will go out of its way to discipline you until you've become a punishing machine.

      Anyways, this is it for this comment! Don't give up, hunter!
      -Grey The Skeleton

      • Anonymous

        came back to the game after not playing for a week or two and... just won out of nowhere, with only one (honestly pretty cheesy) cart, without Fatalis gear... it was my second total attempt at it

        absolutely not easy though, I am pretty shocked by this result

        • Anonymous

          Gunlance was great against this monster! Since AT Velk nullifies any claw moves my other favourite weapon, Switch Axe, didn't rock that much. You basicaly have to anticipate when it will be locked long enough in an attack animation, then claw and cross fingers. You will also wish you had a shield.

          • Anonymous

            I solo her, but this one was probably the single most frustrating fight in the entire game, a lot of cheap deaths, like for example when her ice walls are combined with the spin move and you can't go behind her to the right, if you have your weapon drawn then you are most likely dead.

            • Don't even bother to try her if you dont have endgame gear and build, not because she will neccessarily kill you but because of the fact the timer is limited to 30 mins and you simply won't deal enough damage even if you avoid every single attack.

              • Anonymous

                I really hate at velkhana.... now it’s not that it’s bad or unfair or it has chesse moves it’d about this things rng I would personally say the most horrendous yet it’s real bad don’t attack is super nova spam to far away ice breath spam to close it would overwhelmed with attacks and the main reason if it attacked you already it will just do a move you can’t escape I literally lost with a friend and we were a thread from winning the reason we lost is because of rng it’s real bad on this monster and every monster can have horrible rng but so far the worst for me is at velkhana it really pissed me off

                • Anonymous

                  I'd recommend you fit in some Recovery Speed 3 and carry immunisers. It'll help you out a bit, since a lot of this Velkhana's attacks are combos that will likely cart you since a /lot/ of combos are just straight up inescapable. Depends on your RNG, but it's not that bad IMO. Mostly just annoying over anything else.

                  Remember to keep in mind that just about every attack is going to be followed by 1/2 more, that's usually your window to punish if you're on solo.
                  And like another anonymous poster here said; bring some ice resistance. It'll help out a wee bit.

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