Summer Twilight Fest is a seasonal festival in Monster Hunter World (MHW). During the Summer Twilight Fest, players will enjoy discounted pricing, additional quest rewards, increased availability of Event Quests, and more.


Summer Twilight Fest Content

Players can obtain the Summer Twilight Ticket much akin to the Spring Blossom Ticket. There will be armor, palico gear, and much more which is similar to that of the Summer Blossom Festival, so you can also check out that guide to better acquaint yourself with the upcoming festival.

Daily log in bonus will grant 2 Tickets, daily bounties for players to cash in to obtain summer fireworks and summer tickets. Every Sunday, players can obtain golden tickets.  Item sales and special meal platter will return.

We will receive another temporary outfit for the handler and the staff in the gathering hub,as well as a new outfit for Poogie! The handler will be wearing the Sunshine Pareo outfit while the Poogie will have the Seaside Sausage outfit. All the receptionists in the gathering hub will be wearing swimsuits to celebrate the occasion.

New Guild Card Background.

New Weapons


New Armor


Palico Gear


Layered Armor


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