Wyvernsnipe is a Special Ammo type in Monster Hunter World (MHW)


Wyvernsnipe Has one charge. The hunter lays on the ground and fires of a powerful shot at will. This shot pierces the target, hitting it multiple times and then exploding multiple times for massive damage and ignoring monster resistances. In many ways, this can be considered a more powerful version of Pierce Ammo, as it rewards picking the right angle to fire the round to get the most possible hits as the bullet passes through the monster's body. Explosions recieve a damage bonus on the first number of ticks before normalizing, the maximum damage spiking at around 5 to 6 ticks. The blue Special Round bar must recharge fully before the round can be fired again. Note that your range of motion and view is limited while lying down, so it is not advisable to aim at a fast-moving or very close monster. Wyvernsnipe has exceptionally high stagger power and explosions at the head will apply additional stun damage.


How to get Wyvernsnipe

 To figure out how to get Wyvernsnipe please use this Heavy BowGun Bone Tree Chart Below to see what different heavy bowguns use Wyvernsnipe

You CANNOT get this item Via Quest, Monsters or Crafting...It comes Free with any Bone Tree HBG

Heavy Bowgun Bone Tree


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