Leviathan's Fury

Rarity 8
mhw-defense -
 Attack Power 960
 Affinity 0%
 Element Damage Dragon 300
elderseal Average

Leviathan's Fury is a Great Sword Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW). All weapons have unique properties relating to their Attack Power, Elemental Damage and various different looks. Please see Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal.


 Each slash of this Vaal Hazak blade carves a new border twixt the mortal realm and eternity.

Leviathan's Fury Information



Leviathan's Fury Crafting and Upgrades

Leviathan's Fury has 2 different upgrade levels. It follows the Bone path, detailed below.

  Rare Attack Power Sharpness Affinity Element Damage Decorations Defense

Hazak Kys
7 912
0% Dragon 300 -
Craft with: Vaal Hazak Talon x4, Vaal Hazak Fang + x5, Deceased Scale x6, Vaal Hazak Membrane x4 32000 x zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
Leviathan's Fury 8 960
0% Dragon 300 -
Craft with: Xeno'jiiva Veil x3, Vaal Hazak Talon x6, Vaal Hazak Tail x2, Vaal Hazak Gem x1, 56000 x zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki



Leviathan's Fury Upgrade Tree

Leviathan's Fury is part of an upgrade path for the Great Sword Weapon Tree. Below is an excerpt of the relevant Vaal Hazak tree.

Great Sword Bone Tree




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    • Anonymous

      Absolutely trash and stressful. How so? Look, do yourself a favour. Get Jagras Hacker. Then get Wyvern's Ignition from event quest. Not released on PC yet? Just wait. Why's it trash? It has an element. It has one level 2 decoration slot. (Black Diablos is immune to dragon element too, wonderful) Jagras Hacker 3 has TWO level three decoration slots. It has a hidden element. It has 912 damage. Add 91 (10%) to this with the level 2 decoration non-elemental boost for 1003. The only thing this has over Jagras Hacker 3, is the white sharpness from Handicraft two. So you're going to need a Mind's Eye decoration, or simply murder stuff so fast it's not an issue. But in terms of versatility with the deco slots, three augmentation slots, THREE and how it's rarity 6 so it's even more easier to augment, it's the safest choice if you only want to craft one GS for PC. Jagras Hacker 3 is amazing for PC users and is perfectly practical to use until Wyvern Ignition is released with event quest. If you're not a GS main, but find it really fun to use and want to get into it with a staple GS, this is not your go-to GS unless all you do is play nothing but GS and have no problem crafting multiple GS. If you only want one, go Jagras Hacker, better off not even using the crafting materials for this. Even with all the Utube videos and builds saying how amazing this is. Better of using a diff weapon that gives white sharpness than this for those awkward hunts, such as Kush bouncy wings.

      • Anonymous

        every weapon have different cap level of elemental damage not only dragon element , leviathan's fury i think is 390 , Purgation's Atrocity its 200 , Xeno Maliq 270 and same with all other elements and weapons

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