Love's Sorrow

Rarity 8
mhw-defense -
 Attack Power 460
 Affinity 0%
 Element Damage mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 270
mhw-elderseal Average

Love's Sorrow is a Lance Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW). All weapons have unique properties relating to their Attack Power, Elemental Damage and various different looks. Please see Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal.



Love's Sorrow Information



Love's Sorrow Crafting and Upgrades

Love's Sorrow has 2 different upgrade levels. It follows the bone path, detailed below.

  Rare Attack Power Sharpness Affinity Element Damage Decorations Defense

Hazak Wächter

7 437
0 mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 240 Average -
Craft with: Vaal Hazak Talon x4, Vaal Hazak Fang + x5, Deceased Scale x 6, Vaal Hazak Membrane x 4, 32000 x zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki

Love's Sorrow

8 460
0 mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 270 Average -
Craft with: Xeno'jiiva Veil x3, Vaal Hazak Talon x6, Vaal Hazak Tail x2, Vaal Hazak Gem x 1, 56000 x zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki



Hazak Wachter Upgrade Tree

Hazak Wachter is part of an upgrade path for the Lance Weapon Tree. Below is an excerpt of the relevant Vaal Hazak tree.

Lance Bone Tree




Aqua Horn I  ♦  Babel Spear  ♦  Barroth Stinger II  ♦  Barroth Stinger III  ♦  Bazel Myniad Rookslayer  ♦  Blacksteel Lance I  ♦  Blacksteel Lance II  ♦  Blooming Lance I  ♦  Blooming Lance II  ♦  Blooming Lance III  ♦  Blue Prominence  ♦  Blue Tail  ♦  Bone Lance I  ♦  Bone Lance II  ♦  Bone Lance III  ♦  Carapace Lance I  ♦  Carapace Lance II  ♦  Carapace Lance III  ♦  Chrome Lance I  ♦  Chrome Lance II  ♦  Claw Gold Defender  ♦  Crusher Gold Defender  ♦  Daora's Fang  ♦  Dark Stinger I  ♦  Dark Stinger II  ♦  Dark Stinger III  ♦  Datura Pike I  ♦  Datura Pike II  ♦  Datura Pike III  ♦  Decay Gold Defender  ♦  Defender Lance I  ♦  Defender Lance II  ♦  Defender Lance III  ♦  Defender Lance IV  ♦  Defender Lance V  ♦  Dragonbone Lance I  ♦  Dragonbone Lance II  ♦  Dragonbone Lance III  ♦  Elder Babel Spear  ♦  Empress Lance  ♦  Empress Lance Blaze  ♦  Empress Lance Ruin  ♦  Empress Lance Styx  ♦  Fair Wind Lance  ♦  Fiendish Tower  ♦  Flame Lance I  ♦  Flame Lance II  ♦  Gama Drill  ♦  Gama Pilebunker I  ♦  Gama Pilebunker II  ♦  Garon Dhara I  ♦  Garon Dhara II  ♦  Garon Lance I  ♦  Garon Lance II  ♦  Glacial Lance I  ♦  Glacial Lance II  ♦  Gold Sleep Defender  ♦  Gold Thunder Defender  ♦  Gold Water Defender  ♦  Grief Lance  ♦  Hard Bone Lance I  ♦  Hard Bone Lance II  ♦  Hard Bone Lance III  ♦  Hazak Wachter  ♦  Heavy Bone Lance I  ♦  Heavy Bone Lance II  ♦  Icesteel Spear  ♦  Iron Lance I  ♦  Iron Lance II  ♦  Iron Lance III  ♦  King Gold Defender  ♦  Kjarr Crest Crusher  ♦  Kjarr Crest Decay  ♦  Kjarr Crest King  ♦  Kjarr Crest Paralysis  ♦  Kjarr Crest Stream  ♦  Kjarr Crest Thunder  ♦  Kjarr Crest Water  ♦  Kulu Hasta I  ♦  Kulu Hasta II  ♦  Kulu Hasta III  ♦  Kulu Lance I  ♦  Kulu Lance II  ♦  Kulu Lance III  ♦  Legiana Halberd I  ♦  Legiana Halberd II  ♦  Lightning Spire I  ♦  Lightning Spire II  ♦  Lightning Spire III  ♦  Lurk Gold Defender  ♦  Mud Gold Defender  ♦  Nergal Impaler  ♦  Perdition's Hand  ♦  Red Tail  ♦  Rookslayer Lance  ♦  Shining Star Lance  ♦  Spew Gold Defender  ♦  Steel Lance I  ♦  Steel Lance III  ♦  Stream Gold Defender  ♦  Taroth Crest Claw  ♦  Taroth Crest Crusher  ♦  Taroth Crest Decay  ♦  Taroth Crest King  ♦  Taroth Crest Lurk  ♦  Taroth Crest Mud  ♦  Taroth Crest Sleep  ♦  Taroth Crest Spew  ♦  Taroth Crest Steam  ♦  Taroth Crest Thief  ♦  Taroth Crest Thunder  ♦  Taroth Crest Water  ♦  Taurus Lance I  ♦  Taurus Lance II  ♦  Thief Gold Defender  ♦  Thunder Lance  ♦  Thunder Lance I  ♦  Thunderpiercer  ♦  Thunderpike  ♦  Thunderspear  ♦  Water Spike I  ♦  Water Spike II  ♦  Water Spike III  ♦  White Wind Lance  ♦  Xeno Zauta


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    • Anonymous

      It would be useful if we could have the maximum dragon we can get on it with the Dragon Attack skill (since there's a cap)

      • Anonymous

        "Vaal Hazak weapons apply poison or sleep aliments randomly." Do they? I've never seen it and I practically main Vaal Hazak weapons.

        • Anonymous

          The Image is wrong, that's the Hazak Wachter, not Love's Sorrow. Love's Sorrow is a Shield with Horns poking out from each side and a Trident made of a dragon's claw.

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