Slinger Torches

slinger ammo torchpod

Slinger Torches is Slinger Ammo that can be used in Monster Hunter World (MHW)


Slinger torch ammo (Torch Pods) bursts into flame when it lands, repelling certain monsters, and potentially attracting monsters that are drawn to fire.


Torch Pods can also be used to damage Monsters with Fire Damage, heat up (and soften) the Lavasioth's armor, or burn away Effluvium in the Rotten Vale.  Can be shot at the ground to thaw icy patches formed by a Frostfang Barioth.
Source: Torch Pod piles often found in underground areas of the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste, and the lava areas of the Elder's Recess. Also found in many areas of the Rotten Vale and a few places in the Coral Highlands.

Capacity: 5
With Slinger Capacity up to 8(10 with Slinger Ammo Secret)

 See Slinger for more information about slinger ammo


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    • Anonymous

      And also slinger torch can wipes out effluvium effect or toxic fumes in area for temporary until the fire goes out , i just realized when i shoot it on the ground

      • Additionally, shooting the pods on the ground causes a small fire to start. Monsters that walk over the fire will take small amounts of fire damage from them. This is especially useful on Lavasioth, as you can keep heating multiple parts with just 1 pod. Yesterday I tried spawning the fires around a Diablos and it seemed to freak out and run away. Not to a new zone, just to another part of the same zone. I can't confirm this one, but it seems plausible.

        • Anonymous

          I've noticed you can use Slinger Torch Ammo in the Rotten Vale to clear out the Miasma for a short period of time in a certain spot. Doesn't last very long, but helps when you're annoyed with taking constant damage.

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