Dragonproof Mantle

Dragonproof Mantle

Reduces Dragon damage. Nulifies Dragonblight, and powers up your weapon's dragon properties

Effect Duration 120
Recharge Time 300

Dragonproof Mantle is a type of Specialized Tool in Monster Hunter World (MHW).



How to Get Dragonproof Mantle

  • Complete the Main Story until you unlock a Pink Rathian
  • Begin the special quest to find information on Deviljho
  • Complete the quest The Food Chain Dominator
  • Given by the Jovial Scholar in Astera



Dragonproof Mantle Notes

  • Grants immunity to Dragonblight.
  • Great way of boosting Dragon Element weapons.
  • Boosts a weapon's existing Elderseal to High and adds a 1.2x multiplier to total dragon damage(can be limited by the elemental cap). Note that weapons with other elements or no element at all don't benefit from the dragon boost.
  • Reduces Dragon Damage taken by 70%(do note that most elemental monster attacks also mainly deal physical damage and thus won't reduce the damage as much as it would seem).




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    • Anonymous

      Reduces Dragon Dmg - Doesnt Bump up Dragon Resistance (but reduces a portion of dmg) unsure how much but if i were to guess it be like 20% reduction more or less
      Powers up dragon properties
      +1 Elderseal Boost
      +100 Dragon Element
      If you have Dragonproof Mantle+
      you could modify it with more Dragon Element powers.

      • Anonymous

        By dragon properties, Dragon Element *also includes (Elderseal)*. It will increase the ES level as long as the mantle is active.

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