Hello There!

Grimalkyne Troupers
Location Coral Highlands
Rewards 400 pts
Armor Sphere x5
First Wyverian Print x1

Hello There! in Monster Hunter World (MHW) mhw-iceborne-icon-16pxIceborne is an Observation Log. Observation Logs are given by the Lynian Researcher located in Seliana which requires a Hunter to capture different photos for him.


The Troupers of the Coral Highlands are a cheerful bunch, and they love to interact with each other in myriad ways. I should try and study the proper way of greeting them just in case. You know, at their outpost, holding up ther little weapons?


Hello There! Information

  • Conditions:
    • Waving with a weapon
    • 2 subjects - Any direction
    • Captured as large as possible

  • Sighting Info:
    • Locale: Lair
    • Weather: none
    • Time: none


Hello There! Notes

  • Obtainable in Troupers lair in Area 11.
  • Wait for a while for the animations to cycle until two of the troupers face each other and wave. This one requires some pacience. Capture both in the middle of the wave for gold.



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