Alatreon Beta +

Level 1 Rarity 12
Defense 800   Decoration Slots 4gem_level_1, 1gem_level_2, 1gem_level_3, 6decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
Fire Resistance Water Resistance Thunder Resistance Ice Resistance Dragon Resistance
 15  0 15  10 


BNS Alatreon Divinity
mhw-helm-headgear-wiki Resentment x3
Critical Eye x1
mhw-torso-chest-plate-wiki Health Boost x3
Resentment x1
mhw-arm-gauntlets-wiki Attack Boost x3
mhw-waist-belt-wiki Attack Boost x3
Dragon Resistance x3
mhw-feet-boots-greaves  Defense Boost x3

Alatreon Beta + in Monster Hunter World (MHW) mhw-iceborne-icon-16pxIceborne is a Master Rank Armor Set added with the expansion. Sets are comprised of five different pieces, and can be complemented with Decorations, Charms, Weapons and Mantles. s have special effects when equipped, and combine Skills depending on the pieces equipped.


Alatreon Beta + Notes


Alatreon Beta + Pieces

The Alatreon Beta + is comprised of 5 pieces, as below

Piece & Icon


Decoration Slots

Vs. Fire

Vs. Water

Vs. Thunder

Vs. Ice

Vs. Dragon

Escadora Wisdom Beta +

160 decoration_level_4_mhw_wikigem_level_1 3 0 0 3 2

Escadora Soul Beta +

160 decoration_level_4_mhw_wikigem_level_1gem_level_1 3 0 0 3 2

Escadora Armguards Beta +

160 decoration_level_4_mhw_wikigem_level_3 3 0 0 3 2

Escadora Might Beta +

160 decoration_level_4_mhw_wikigem_level_1 3 0 0 3 2

Escadora Sheath Beta +

160 decoration_level_4_mhw_wikidecoration_level_4_mhw_wikigem_level_2 3 0 0 3 2



Alatreon Beta + Upgrades & Augments

Upgrading the Alatreon Beta + to its armor limits.

Costs __upgradezennyprice__ zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki  per piece

  • Base: Level 1 with __defenseno__ Defense
  • Max: Level __maxlevel__ with __maxleveldefense__ Defense __upgradecost__
  • Augmented: Level __augmentlevel__ with __augmenteddefense__ Defense __augmentcost__
    • __augmentmaterials__



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    • Anonymous

      23 Jul 2020 04:19  

      Lots of people are smack talking the armor but aren't thinking about that you can make one armor set and swap out the weapon for any kjarr you want for any monster weakness.

      • Anonymous

        20 Jul 2020 15:06  

        As a casual hunter: Holy freaking Gog. The chest gives you Health Boost 3 while also giving you a 4-slot and two 2-slots? The Alpha Gloves gives you full Power Prolonger? Two 4-slots in the Legs? Sure the Defense Boost hurts it in the meta, but to a guy who doesn't have the time or the dedication to shave a few seconds from a best time, this set is pretty awesome!

        • Anonymous

          11 Jul 2020 01:38  

          If anyone comes here to read, this armor set is pretty broken assuming you have the jewels for it. Use brachy head/mail and the gloves,coil, feet of this one. Can reach more true elemental than Safi without losing hp, on top of having immunity to blights and a ridiculous elemental resistance. Only for elemental builds, obviously, totally useless for non-ele builds.

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