Master Rank Assignments are story Quests in Monster Hunter World Iceborne (MHW). master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Master Rank Assignments are only available to players who own the Iceborne Expansion. Players will need to complete these quest to progress the story and increase their Master Rank (MR3).

 All assignments have a 50 minutes time limit and the "Faint 3 times" failure conditions.



Quest Title



1 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 1 Baptism by Ice Hunt a Beotodus 14400 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
?? x Room
2 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 1 Banbaro Blockade Hunt a Banbaro 14400 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
?? x Room
3 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 2 Ready to Strike Hunt a Viper Tobi-Kadachi 18000 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
?? x Room
4 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 2 No Time for Naps Hunt a Nightshade Paolumu 18000 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
?? x Room
4 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 2 Play Both Ends Hunt a Coral Pukei-Pukei 18000 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
?? x Room
6 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 3 Blizzard Blitz Hunt a Barioth 25200 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
?? x Room
7 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 3 Ever-present Shadow Hunt a Nargacuga 25200 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
?? x Room
7 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 3 The Scorching Blade Hunt a Glavenus 25200 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
?? x Room
9 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 3 Absolute Power Hunt a Tigrex 25200zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
?? x Room
9 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 3 A Smashing Cross Counter Hunt a Brachydios 25200zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
?? x Room
11 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 3 A Tale of Ice and Fire Repel Velkhana 28800zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
?? x Room
12 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 4 When the Mist Taketh You Hunt a Shrieking Legiana 28800zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
13 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 4 The Thunderous Troublemaker! Hunt a Fulgur Anjanath 28800zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
14 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 4 The Disintegrating Blade Hunt an Acidic Glavenus 28800zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
14 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 4 Bad Friends, Great Enemies Hunt an Ebony Odogaron 28800zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
16 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 4 The Defense of Seliana Repel Velkhana 28800zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
17 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 5 The Iceborne Wyvern Slay Velkhana


18 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 5 The Second Coming Hunt a Seething Bazelgeuse


19 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 5 Under the Veil of Death Slay Blackveil Vaal Hazak


20 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 5 A Light From the Abyss Slay Namielle


21 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 6 To the Guided, A Paean Slay Ruiner Nergigante


22 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 6 Paean of Guidance

Slay Shara Ishvalda


24 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 6 Return of the Crazy One Hunt a Yian Garuga


49 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 6 Sleep Now in the Fire Hunt Tempered Rathian + Tempered Nightshade Paolumu


69  master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 6 Big Burly Bash Hunt Tempered Brachydios + Tempered Glavenus 48600zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
99 master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 6 To the Very Ends with You Slay Ruiner Nergigante 36000zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki

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