Pandora's Arena

Pandora's Arena - Special Assignment 
Quest Type 8⭐Special Quest
Monster Lunastra
Location Special Arena
Rewards 12600 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
Time Limit 15 min

Pandora's Arena is a Special Assignment Quest in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Special Assignments are unique quests that unlock special DLC.


There's a saying about a cornered animal that slips me mind. Either way, there's wounded Teostora corralled in the Special Arena. Something's up with it. Go and check it out, eh? - Second Fleet Master, Client

Pandora's Arena Information

  • Repel Lunastra 
  • Conditions: HR 16 or higher 
  • Failure Conditions: Time expires (15 mins), Faint 3 times.
  • Unlisted Special Rewards(s): unlocks No Remorse, No Surrender

Pandora's Arena Walkthrough and Notes

  • You will need to finish The Blazing Sun quest then talk to the Huntsman before unlocking this quest. Then, talk to the blacksmith to receive the special assignment. If you have the Iceborne DLC, talk to the blacksmith in Seliana to receive the special assignment.
  • The quest is not available when you're with the Serious Handler during the Iceborne story.


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Room: Stone  ♦  The Red and Blue Crew  ♦  The Red Dragon  ♦  The Sapphire Star's Guidance  ♦  The Scorn of the Sun  ♦  The Secret to a Good Slice  ♦  The Sleeping Sylvan Queen  ♦  The Storm Brings the Unexpected  ♦  The True Tyrant  ♦  The Winds of Wrath Bite Deep  ♦  The Winter Blues  ♦  These Azure Eyes See All  ♦  This Corroded Blade  ♦  This Here's Big Horn Country!  ♦  Timberland Troublemakers  ♦  Today's Special Hunter Flambe  ♦  Today's Special: Hunter Flambé  ♦  Tracking the Delivery  ♦  Treasure in the Steam  ♦  Trespassing Troublemaker  ♦  Troubled Troupers  ♦  Tundra Troublemaker  ♦  Twin Spire Upon the Sands  ♦  Two-horned Hostility  ♦  Undying Alpenglow  ♦  Up to Your Waist in the Waste  ♦  USJ Blazing Azure Stars!  ♦  We Run This Town  ♦  We Three Kings  ♦  Wearer of the Iceborne Crown  ♦  Well, That Diablos!  ♦  What a Bunch of Abalone  ♦  When Blue Dust Surpasses Red Lust  ♦  When Desire Becomes an Obsession  ♦  White Monster for a White Coat  ♦  Wings of the Wind  ♦  You Scratch Our Backs...

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    • Anonymous

      03 Jan 2021 11:06  

      Do blazing sun, then Pandora’s arena, (under special investigations) then talk to huntsman to do no retreat,no surrender

      • Anonymous

        06 Aug 2020 19:02  

        Rapid fire sticky 2 light bowgun. All over inside 5 minutes and I missed the rock drop! She's constantly KO'd didn't even get to super nova. oh and equip your cat with the shield, Luna spent 80% time attacking the cat!

        • Anonymous

          28 Mar 2020 15:15  

          Got her with the lance. Took two tries. Had 20 fire resist, used the dragonator once. I'm not very good at lance so that might be why the main problem was running out of time.

          • Anonymous

            23 Mar 2020 14:54  

            Did first try as Lance, just stay safe during the massive fire phases and keep her knocked out with slinger to the face so she runs into the walls.. Had 7-8 mins. left

            • Anonymous

              26 Sep 2019 07:58  

              So i didn't do this quest in the base game, but since i went to the new area and new base, the quest has gone and special assignments is greyed out. Not sure what to do?

              • Anonymous

                07 Sep 2019 23:56  

                Does anyone else have a bug where the smithy didn’t give out the quest he has the line telling me to do it but I didn’t give me the quest I’ve closed the game multiple times

                • Anonymous

                  05 Sep 2019 08:25  

                  Note you don't need to kill it, just make it flee. For me, the lunastra fled right after the "5 min remaining" message. Yes, this fight is tough, especially that big AOE which covers the whole arena. So bring fire resist + HP boosts + ice damage. The fireproof mantle also helps a lot. Keep your HP high and don't be afraid to overheal, that's the only way I found to counter it's AOE. Solo-ed her with this build (there may be better builds, I did this quick): Legia Snowfletcher Damascus Mail Beta Damascus Coil Beta Damascus Greaves Beta Rath Soul Helm Beta Rath Soul Braces Beta Fire Charm Vitality Mantle Fireproof Mantle Decorations: Frost Jewel (x1) Fire Res Jewel (x1) Vitality Jewel (x3) Destroyer Jewel (x2) Steadfast Jewel (x2) Gobbler Jewel (x1) - The 2 rathalos pieces gives you it's level 1 elemental damage buff, which comes in handy for ice damage. - 3 Damascus pieces for the fire res and armor boost skills. - Steadfast Jewels are a must if (like me) you get always hit. Getting stun in here gets you carted, guaranteed. - Vitality Jewels allow you to raise your HP up to 200, which allows you to resist that ****ing AOE. - Gobber Jewel, because you're going to drink like a barfly. That was enough to make it flee. Killing it might require a more specialized build, comments are welcome.

                  • Anonymous

                    03 Sep 2019 02:05  

                    Use ice attack and lots of fire resistance. Just solo'd her on my 1st try, its easier than the other comments will have you think!

                    • Anonymous

                      07 Aug 2019 05:04  

                      I can finish silent deadly something within 25-30 minute but I'm still scared of this quest OTL (fucc 15 minute quests they make me panic and***** I can't even focus on any damn thing lol)

                      • Anonymous

                        23 Jul 2019 14:22  

                        This one is a toughie, but it's mostly because of the quest/arena you fight her in and not because Lunastra is particularly strong. She is as much of a puppy in Investigations as her husband Teostra, it's just that they seem to buff her up for the story quests. Things to keep in mind: Don't stand anywhere near the tail when she starts swinging, because the hitbox is broken af and you will get hit even though the tail never touched you. Also obviously don't just randomly flashbomb her, but you can bait out her supernova with a flashbomb from far away meaning the fight becomes a bit safer for you in the next couple of minutes. Fire resistance on armor is a must, don't be greedy and eat for L elemental resistance. Lastly, don't repeat my mistake and bring water weapons thinking she must be weak against it: Her weakness to water is (suprisingly) 1 star, meanwhile weakness to ice is 3 stars.

                        • Anonymous

                          20 May 2019 20:12  

                          Had to set aside the Lance for this one sadly. Picked up HBG, blew her *****ing face off with Magda Gemitus II, Dober/Xeno/Xeno/Xeno/Kirin armor, all Beta, with 2x Attack, 2x Maintenance, 2x Fire Res, and 3x Steadfast, with Artillery III Charm, and Recoil/Recoil/Shield mods. Bring mega drugs, astera jerky, cool drink, vitality/fireproof mantles, nutrients and steaks (for future deaths in case), blastnuts/bomberries + level 3 gunpowder and level 1 and 3 Cluster and Sticky ammo for max damage + stun. Be sure to have Power and Armor Talons/Charms for more damage and survivability, just in case. Best of luck to anyone else hunting this god-forsaken quest solo. I can only wish you the best of luck. Oh, and use the Dragonator for god's sake, it's like 1000 free damage.

                          • Anonymous

                            14 May 2019 00:15  

                            Oh come on man this quest is bull****! Her supernova spawns the entire arena making it impossible to get away and the damage is enough to one-shot you on the spot everytime even with top gear, the fire traces she leaves behind take forever to leave and the fire they produce even BLOCKS bowgun bullets and arrows to boot!? That's not even unfair at this point! That's Just bull****!

                            • Anonymous

                              13 Apr 2019 12:05  

                              This quest makes me want to quit the game, I have all the right gear and defenses and yet STILL cannot defeat her. It's like this monster is specifically designed to screw over Lancers

                              • Anonymous

                                08 Apr 2019 08:38  

                                rename this quest :"how to make a lancer main rip his hair off in 15 minutes" ty even with the uragaan protection (block the unblockable) i can t do it as a lancer. you stay still? you have over 40 fire res? you even have heatguard? let s make a new type of fire which burn the ground and you at the same time if you stay still. you can't dodge? not a problem just use your entire endurance on little jumps while guarding the monster attack and wait for your health to come back in 5 minutes. too simple? let s give it a new type of supernova which burn you even if you block it and of course the damages stacks with the fire which burn the ground

                                • Anonymous

                                  01 Mar 2019 14:30  

                                  A shielded HBG with high base damage and sticky/cluster 3 ammo, with nothing but an Artillery charm in terms of damage, can bring her down in less than 10 minutes. Just land as many sticky headshots as possible, and Lunastra almost never recovers from the chain KOs.

                                  • 06 Feb 2019 23:37  

                                    Use the traps. Hit her with the boulders, then the spears, both of them, and get knocked out to use fortify and hammer her with an ice weapon. I used diablos tyrannis 2 because it's a hard hitter and it does ice.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      31 Dec 2018 00:57  

                                      Hey just a quick question; what the actual hell? 15 minutes to beat an elder dragon with unblockable aoe’s? Like, sorry we aren’t all team dark side beating elders in 4 minutes, but this is impossible for normal players.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        18 Aug 2018 11:38  

                                        I got a pretty good build going with ice bow. And never have a problem with any other monsters, but this monster is hard. I have tried the quest countless time trying to win buy just can't, when ever lunastra screeches and I get stuck in place, she hits me with a fire attack then keeps focusing me until I die even though I can't roll out of the way. My palico has taunt shield to keep her distracted but it does not work on her.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          09 Jun 2018 07:52  

                                          İ cant enter this special quest, pls help me. When i try to enter this quest, MHW freezes in the loading screen. Help Me! İ am playing MHW on Xbox one x. İm realy bored. My Xbox Live nick is LAS POLATS SON pls solve this problem of ne.

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