The Sapphire Star's Guidance

Quest Type Slaying Quest, Level 9
Monster Tempered Kushala Daora
Tempered Teostra
Tempered Nergigante
Location Elder's Recess
Rewards 38880 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
Time Limit 50 min

The Sapphire Star's Guidance is an Optional Quest in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Optional quests are repeatable and unlocked after completing specific points in the main story via Assignments.


Slay all target monsters.

To the unparalleled hunter, I offer you this final quest. Return to the Elder's Recess and brave the elders' onslaught. Use all within your grasp to prove yourself master of the New World.

The Sapphire Star's Guidance Information


The targets spawn one after the other, letting the player rest between encounters. Kushala Daora is the first to spawn in sector 3, then Teostra in sector 12 and lastly Nergigante in sector 14.

Dialogue with the Commander after completion :
"Congratulation on completing The Sapphire Star's Guidance! The elder dragons were supposed to be the pinnacle of this continent's natural world. But you rose above them, like a star to the heavens. You created your own light instead of following others. The Guild would like to honor your deeds with a special title. Henceforth, you shall be known as the Sapphire Star. I believe now that calling you here ito the New World will end up being my greatest achievement. I salute you, Sapphire Star."

Much like after completing The White Winds of the New World, the entire Research Commission will want to talk to the newly crowned Sapphire Star.

Dialogue with The Handler :
"Everyone! May I have your attention!? Listen up, everyone! My partner...totally...TOTALLY wrecked the quest The Sapphire Star's Guidance! That makes him/her the Commission's Sapphire Star! And that makes me the Sapphire, uh, something... W-We'll figure that out later!
I knew my Pard was destined to great things! Oh gosh, I think I'm gonna cry...


The Sapphire Star's Guidance Notes

Other Monsters in this quest:

  • None


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    • Anonymous

      10 Jul 2019 06:31  

      While the quest may seem intimidating at first it honestly is not that bad in the long run. Thankfully for starters the main difference between tempered monsters and normal monsters is that tempered monster do more damage however have they have the same health as their normal counterpart. This is very nice as since there are 3 monsters in 1 mission all of their health is reduced which helps a lot. Also keep in mind that there is a guaranteed spawn order as well as a guaranteed spawn location of where each will spawn allowing you to prep for each fight. My personal recommendation is either have specific gear sets pre-made to best fight each monster or if your saving those resources until Iceborne then head back to camp, restock on items, and equip whatever mantle you think will be most beneficial in aiding you during that specific part of the hunt. One more thing to keep in mind is that while they may not be arch tempered elder dragons they will still hit like a truck so augmenting armor for health, defense, or regen and even showing jewels into your armor can make a big difference. Hope this helps anyone struggling and remember to always keep hunting.

      • Anonymous

        07 Jan 2019 04:10  

        I may get dislikes, but this quest is actually quite easy. Each of them are easy by default and they also have low health so you can take them out very quickly. And you should have a good build along with being relatively skilled at this point in the game. I think even normal Lunastra is probably more difficult.

        • Anonymous

          29 Aug 2018 20:52  

          to anyone having trouble, every monster has a weak side that ALSO baits out attacks. teostra's is close range on the right (left works but has a smaller window to attack) baiting out his flamethrower attack which has a blindspot under it's chin. nergigante has a blindspot under it's chest just watch for its telegrams for any spike explosions and superman dive the divebomb attack (the spikes shoot out, so you won't be safe otherwise). kushala has very simple moves from it's front, and it's hard to bait it into using anything else up close, but this is compensated for having nearly a full 30 seconds of free hits from the 3 flash pods you can use on him when he's in the air, make em count, chain them into flinches and knockdowns.

          • Anonymous

            14 Jun 2018 07:11  

            This quest is best done solo, the monsters don't have as much health and you can take your time,
            sort out 3 loadouts with skills to match each monster before you start, saves time changing weapons ect...

            Don't forget Kushla on Tempered builds up Immunity now to Flash bombs so go easy on them or you'll never get him out of the air.
            To avoid the 1 hit kills with Teostra and Nergigante either use the Evade skills to avoid taken any damage or use the Guard Up to block any attack.

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