Clutch Claw


The Clutch Claw is a fixed Item in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne.


The clutch claw allows hunters to use the slinger to attach themselves to the side of a monster sort of like the Switch Axe’s special move. 


Using the Clutch Claw




Redirecting monsters: You can force monsters to go a certain way or direction as they try to shake you off. This opens up additional strategic options like, say, guiding a Diablos toward a special wall to get its horns stuck or any large monster toward a trap to hold it in place.


Flinch shot: Lets you unload all your slinger ammo in one go while you’re attached to a monster’s head to make it flinch, topple or slam into a wall.



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    • Anonymous

      I've seen someone with a GreatSword use the claw to recover with a special animation when sent flying by an attack, but I have no idea how he did that. I tried to look it up but found nothing relevant, anyone knows anything about this ?

      • Anonymous

        Not a huge fan tbh, feels a bit cheap. But it's better than wyvern riding in Rise, that's (at least at the point of writing this) pretty broken.

        • Anonymous

          Adding that thing to the game was unnecessary, imo. It breaks the flow of combat. We would have been just fine without it.

          • Anonymous

            There sure is some satisfaction, when you clutch on to a sleeping monsters head and get the killing blow, by making it run into a wall.

            • Anonymous

              I have a monster un tee world: ice orme massive expansion however there is no lesson for clutch claw in the quest book to learn it.. how do you get it with my verision? I checked in the update history that the clutch claw was added to the game and it is updated.

              • Anonymous

                As of the new patch, there are changes to how the clutch claw mechanics function: Doing the strike (not the clutch claw strike itself, but merely the slash/etc you do to get off the monster) CAN break monster body parts AND sever so long as the damage type is severing. Previously, this attack could only bring body parts down to 1 health, and needed an independent non-clutch claw based attack to break.

                • Anonymous

                  All these other people complaining about the clutch claw but it's made killing monsters so much faster with the tenderized spots. You don't have to use it if you don't like it, but it's an option for everyone else. Don't even have to play with other players if them using it bothers you so much.

                  • Anonymous

                    This item is actually horrible. It ruins the integrity of combat and turns the game into a spamfest. Only bad players use this item.

                    • Anonymous

                      A friend of mine just used the clutch claw when Anjanath jumped at him... And got some crazy animation of him slam-dunking the thing into the ground! We're gonna try to replicate it and get a recording!

                      • I took the "clutch claw basics" optional with LS and he said "this weapon is good for getting slinger ammo" does anyone know if other weapons get different ammo types or if they get an entirely different effect? I usually get pierce ammo

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