Sealord's Crestfish

Location Hoarfrost Reach
Type Aquatic
Conditions Night

Sealord's Crestfish is an Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter World (MHW) mhw-iceborne-icon-16pxIceborne. These animals and insects are found out in the field, and can be captured by dedicated Hunters looking to research the New World.


These beauties lurk at the bottom, save when surfacing to feed by night. They're so rare, they're said to be familiars of the sea god.

Sealord's Crestfish Location

You can find Sealord's Crestfish in:


Sealord's Crestfish Capturing Rewards

You can catch Sealord's Crestfish by using the Fishing Rod.

  • House placing: Aquarium, Pond
  • The 'Submerged Mystery' trophy/achievement
  • Research Points: 600 pts


Sealord's Crestfish Notes

  • Description when caught: "These beauties lurk at the bottom, save when surfacing to feed by night. They're so rare, they're said to be familiars of the sea god."
  • Jigging/wiggling bait attracts this fish
  • Appears only on the nights.
    The best area to confirm the sky clarity is from the Astera Tradeyard as you get a clear field of view while looking out to sea.
  • Appears in the underground pool that Viper Tobi-Kachi rests in front of in Area 8.
    • Has a spawn separate other than the three smaller fish that are normally in the pool.
    • A Great Platinumfish can appear instead of the Sealord Crestfish.
  • Despite some misconception, the ghillie mantle is not required to catch this fish
  • They can be caught with regular fishing bait, but bait bugs are recommended
  • Sizes: 259.70 ~ 386.31



Endemic Life
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    • Anonymous

      There's a bounty to catch *a* Crestfish. What is everyone talking about a bounty to catch a gold crown Crestfish?

      • Anonymous

        "Night" is not accurate. I've gotten all of mine between dusk and dawn (mostly towards the ends of the two). I would say it's the full range of: dawn-dusk.

        • Anonymous

          If looking for a gold crown for the bounty, the piscine researcher will start giving dialogue at the fishing spot next to the shipwreck camp

          • Anonymous

            I don't know whats goin on. maybe they changed things, but I tried Flora Frostbite at least 15-20 times looking for this thing. Didn't get one. Then when I was about to try again, I noticed a few quests down was 'Trophy Fishin''. "Huh, 'TROPHY FISHIN',' that sounds like a quest that might spawn one.." I thought, and bam first try I FINALLY get it after at least 100 attempts between Flora Frostbite, Expeditions and passing by on other quests. It was during sunrise, not sure about the weather since I went straight there from the shipwreck camp and I had ate for Zoomaster and Biologist.

            Figured I'd check to see if food skills helped it spawn and it was a coincidence or Trophy Fishin' really guarantees ones, so I went back without eating and it was there during sunrise again. Not sure if thats an huge coincidence or not, but I'm thinking it might be guaranteed. Don't feel like checking for a third since I hate this damn thing after it taking forever to show up

            • Anonymous

              i catch my on (first try on dusk) :expediton , dusk, clear weather , zoomaster

              i try few hour on night and nothing ...

              • Anonymous

                'Appears in Flora Frostbite quest' utterly false. I've been doing this quest over and over for days now, and I've still never seen this damn thing spawn.

                • Anonymous

                  After reading the comments here I went on the Flora Frostbite quest and found the Sealord at the very beginning.

                  • Anonymous

                    I don't know who wrote the night with cloudless skies and I tried that like 30 times go back and forth to watch from Tradeyard in Astera, just to make sure there are no clouds. And among those 30 times there was no single night without clouds. Nonetheless I checked every single night, all clear weather (even tho with clouds everywhere because I couldn't see a single on "without" clouds), I failed to find the Sealord. THEN, I decided to give a last try before I go off, then I noticed the weather was "Blizzard". I thought "Screw it, might as well try before I close the game". AND THEN I FOUND THE SEALORD. Really? I don't know what those "cloudless skies" look like to u guys, but I clearly never found such criteria, then again there is no mention about "Blizzard" weather where I literally found one on that criteria. Might double check that guide because it's frustrating to get mislead.

                    • Anonymous

                      I caught it twice doing the Flora Frostbite quest. It was dusk and dawn( once each time). I don’t think it matters what monsters are there.

                      • Anonymous

                        This fish can spawn regardless of weather : clear, blizzard or even "???". Velkhana being present is not a requirement for it to spawn Gold Crown, unlike what that other comment suggests. I'd know, I caught one and Velkhana wasn't there.

                        • Anonymous

                          Chance for Mini Crown spawns somewhere in the middle of night (Night is 17 minutes) Giant Crown requires Velkhana to be in the area at night

                          • Anonymous

                            Description when caught: These fish dwell in the deeps, save by night, when they surface to feed. Their fins glow to lure insets in. A few fishable bodies of water can be considered within in area 8. More specifically it can be found (in my case) in the bigger body found toward the middle, with the sleeptoads, paratoads, and vespoids. In the body of water where you normally find Golden fish or Planinum fish. Unsure of where else it can spawn Although not a crown size, mine measured 347.36, so in case you cant tell from the picture, its a very big fish, mainly in length and near unmissable. Can be easily lured and caught with baitbugs while fishing I used Felyne Zoomaster every time i went out too look for it, Still took me hours to find. Felyne Biologist exists as well. Unsure if zoomaster and biologist stack, but the both give increased chance for rare endemic life to spawn. Dont know if it helps, just a suggestion. I hate this fish, good luck to anyone else trying to catch it

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