Master Rank Optional Quests in Monster Hunter World Iceborne (MHW). Master Rank Optional Quests are only available to players who own the Iceborne Expansion. These quests are not needed in order to progress the story and level up Master Rank, but they provide materials and unlock special tools, canteen foods and others.

Please see Event Quests for special optional weekly quests by Capcom. Please see Special Assignments for free Monster DLC quests.

  • Finding Master Rank monsters counts as it's own discovery
  • Capturing Master Rank monsters, gives more reward.  If the quest does not explicitly state "slay", then you should always try to capture a monster.
  • Talking to Villagers with a (!) in Seliana or the Research Station
  • Completing previous Optional quests
  • Fully researching monsters (all 4 tabs in the monster manual)
  • Your current progress level for Master Rank Assignments
  • All Purr-fect quests reward In-Room Decorations

"Special Arena:" Quests are unlocked by Capturing the monster first. Once completed, they appear randomly on your Quest Board.

(!) => Those are Villagers' Requests or special delivery bounties.


Master Rank Optional in MHW: Iceborne

Three Star Quests master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guidemaster-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guidemaster-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide3


Six Star Quests master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guidemaster-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guidemaster-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guidemaster-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guidemaster-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide 6


    • Anonymous

      07 Nov 2019 14:55  

      I finished all the above star 6 quest up to my mr (143) but I only see a grey completions instead of a red one what else is available for me up to my mr that is not listed here?

      • Anonymous

        03 Nov 2019 22:25  

        Master Hunter of the new world doesn't need all Mantle and boosters upgraded. You only need the basic unlocks. I did the quest before I finished the tempered Blackveil Vaal optional to unlock the upgraded mantle.

        • Anonymous

          20 Oct 2019 14:56  

          For the star 3 optional quests, is there another Arena quest, because I've done all of the ones in the list of optional 3 stars?

          • Anonymous

            06 Oct 2019 07:30  

            I'm missing proud White Knight I maxed out rescreach and completed all the other mission according to the list but still no mission

            • Anonymous

              05 Oct 2019 07:57  

              I made it to master rank 200 and unlocked Master Hunter of the New World so i added it on the page from my phone. Please feel free to edit. The mission is a tempered teo, temperes luna, tempered velkana and a regular ruiner nergi After completing it, you get a pendant. Same for finishing all the optionals.

              • Anonymous

                02 Oct 2019 13:23  

                Anyone else having problems with 5 and 6 star optionals bugging out? Specifically the teostra and kushala quests. Sometimes mine has them marked as complete, then they will be marked incomplete, then sometimes they disappear from the list entirely.

                • Anonymous

                  25 Sep 2019 02:03  

                  Missing a 5 star quest called the tyrants banquet which makes you fight a savage jho to get the upgraded deviljho unlocked it after i finished research for savage jho

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Sep 2019 18:33  

                    I finished all those 1* optional quests, but something is still missing. Anyone know what the missing quest is?

                    • Anonymous

                      Master Rank Optional Quests [MHW Wiki]19 Sep 2019 18:18  

                      I think you are missing a blackveil Vaal Hazak in the rotten vale that unlocks immunity+, not sure how to unlock it as I was just maximizing research level for monsters and when I maxed blackveil Vaal Hazak was when it unlocked

                      • Anonymous

                        19 Sep 2019 09:49  

                        I captured all the mr 1 monsters, yet I was only given a handful of special arenas, missing some of the smaller monsters like dodo and great g and eggman

                        • Anonymous

                          19 Sep 2019 07:13  

                          It’s also missing the special arena quests for gold and silver rath. As well as the hym and moon quest for lvl 125 silver and gold rath

                          • Anonymous

                            18 Sep 2019 21:07  

                            Hey everyone so wity teh five star quests for some reason they still aren’t complete, any help would be appreciated, these are my completed quests: both kushala and both Teostra quests, namielle, blackveil, velkhana, and seething bazegeuse main quests turned side quests, one Kirin quest, capture a seething baselgeuse, Hunt a savage devilijho, that’s it so far but I’m still missing quests, for reference my immunity, impact, temporal mantles, and affinity booster are still not + versions, any help is appreciated!

                            • Anonymous

                              18 Sep 2019 09:59  

                              I’ve done everything listed on the guide and in the comments but still can’t complete the 5 star quests, does it have something to do with maxing the research on Nemielle, velkhana, blackveil Vaal halak, or the seething bezelgeuse? Any help would be appreciated!

                              • 18 Sep 2019 05:56  

                                List of missing 5 Star optional Quests: Wings of Wind: Kushala Daora in the Elder's Recess Mark of the Sun: Teostra in the Elder's Recess The Tyrant's Banquet: Slay a Savage Deviljho in the Wildspire. To unlock this you need to max out his research! This one gives the Apothecary Mantle +

                                • Anonymous

                                  16 Sep 2019 02:32  

                                  It also seems that the Elder Dragons in the 5 Star Quests got atleast 2 different Quests. Teostra got a Quest in the Elder's Recess and in the Wildspire while Kushala Daora got one in the Elder's Recess and in the Ancient Forest. I'm not sure about the Blackveil Vaal Hazak, Namielle and Kirin but i still need a Quest after finishing the alternative Quests from Teostra and Daora.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    15 Sep 2019 23:55  

                                    Missing 3 star optional quests. “Proud White Knight” Tempered Barioth, unlocks Evasion mantle+. “A Nasty Flesh Wound” Tempered Odogaron, unlocks Bandit Mantle+.

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